Book suggestions for anyone looking for a great YA read!

One upcoming release I’m intrigued by is The Sisterhood by A.J. Grainger, following the discovery of a mysterious cult called The Sisterhood of the Light.  Riveted Lit offers up some other cult books for readers looking for a creepy read.  If cults don’t get your attention, there is also this list of books involving family curses, including the excellent The Wicked Deep.

The Wicked Deep also appears on this list of atmospheric reads from Vicky Who Reads, along with upcoming books The Waking Forest, about a witch, a girl, and a seemingly magical forest and The Devouring Gray, which brings to mind some of my old favourites,  the Lyn burn Legacy trilogy and the How to Hang a Witch books.  I was a bit surprised that What the Woods keep wasn’t on the list, but it did show up on this selection of books that combine science fiction and fantasy.  The list also includes some yet to be released books, like The Fever King, a story about a dystopian future where magic has become real.  The Dyasters follows genetically modified teens, while super powered teens fight rebels in A Soldier and a Liar.

Epic Reads checks out books that take place in boarding schools.  Included are a few excellent choices, including two Maureen Johnson series, Truly Devious and Shades of London.  I also enjoyed People Like Us and Gail Carriger’s Finishing School series.  This list is also making me think about taking another look at Dread Nation and The Queen’s Rising, books I passed on when they came out.

Moving to some specific reviews, clone story The Similars has been getting some mixed reviews, but Bookmark Lit has a positive take on the story.  Though she didn’t love the main character, the setting and plot drew her in, while the ending left her eager for the sequel.

A Curse so Dark and Lonely is a Beauty and the Beast inspired story that sees a young heroine stolen from our world and dropped into a bizarre fantasy realm, where a mysterious prince hopes that she can break his curse.  Andi’s ABCs was impressed, praising the action as well as the smaller, emotional moments.  If retellings are your thing, Swoony Boys Podcast suggests checking out C.J Redwine’s Ravenspire series.  Gizmo’s Reviews offers a more in depth look at the latest book in the series.

One new release that has been getting some buzz is The Deceivers, a school about a boarding school that trains students to be con artists.  The Eater of Books provides ten reasons to check the novel out, including revealing there is a heist that involves stealing items by color.  Vicky Who Reads was a fan, though she felt a few things were wrapped up too neatly.

I’m a fan of Maureen Johnson’s Truly Devious series, but Meltotheany offers a more negative take on the first book.  Interestingly, she really liked the Holmes/Watson descendant story A Study in Charlotte while seeing Truly Devious as just okay, while I would completely flip those ratings.

Finally, Literary Dust offers a quick look at The Princess and the Fangirl, Ashley Poston’s follow-up to Geekerella.  While there was some problems with the romance, the book will likely appeal to anyone who enjoyed the first one.

Published by Andrew Clendening