You know what you're getting when you read this book; its a romance novel all the way. It was easy to guess the outcome of this book within a few chapters, in that it follows a safe, predictable story arc that will please romance readers everywhere.
Jennifer is a divorced career woman who has not time in her life for love, except for her loveable dog Boomer. Nathan is a down on his luck newspaper reporter. Boomer is Jennifer's best friend, a yellow Labrador / retriever whom she adopts soon after her divorce. Spring forward five years and Boomer is dealt a blow when he is diagnosed with HCM or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and given just a month to live. Devastated, Jennifer decided to take a month off from work and make Boomer's last days the best days of his life, doing all the things she assumed she would have time to do 'one day'. Cue a road trip down Route 66 where Boomer bonds with Nathan after a couple of coincidental meetings. It goes without saying that Nathan and Jennifer bond as well. Add to the mix some over zealous co-workers who create a web page about Boomer as a memorial and you know that mayhem is going to appear.
There are no real plot twists in this book, nothing unexpected. Whilst its not an 'instalove' kind of story, the relationship does have to go through some tough times before everyone lives happily ever after, although the ending was a little too neatly wrapped up and a little too chocolate box perfect.
Its a sweet novel that will appeal to the young at heart

Published by Courtney Stuart