There are times in our life when we lose ourselves a little – we lose track of why we’re here, in this moment, what we’re doing and if it’s all worth it. We doubt ourselves, people around us and our self-worth. While it’s normal to feel this way at times, we can’t let it get to us. We need to stand up after the storm and slowly get back on track to where we’re supposed to be heading.

If you’re feeling like you need a little boost to your self-worth, you’re in the right place. Here, right now, this is where you’re supposed to be, reading these words.

Let’s help you feel better! Let’s boost your self-worth!

What Can You Do to Feel Better About Yourself Today?

1.Book a nails appointment!

This is self-love 101. Getting your hair and beard done is one of the most therapeutic things you can do for yourself. All it takes from you is a call to your favourite place, and I promise you, you’ll start feeling better even before you get to the barbershop.

2.Plan a Boys’ Night!

While you’re on the phone, invite your best friends for a guys’ night. Nothing cures a broken soul like friend talk on a Friday night. Invite them over, prepare a few snacks and ask them to bring some as well; it lays off pressure from you and they won’t mind helping you out! 

3.Shower and Exfoliate

I know this one might sound strange, but trust me, I always feel better and ready to tackle anything thrown my way after a long, hot shower. It gives me time to think things through and I feel better after having accomplished something that day – yes, because, sometimes, even showering is hard! Remember to do a nice scrub while you’re in there and throw on self-tan! Looking more put together on the outside helps feeling better on the inside.


Now that you’re fresh and ready, take a few selfies with good lighting! Smile and feel free. Try a few different poses, feel confident! You don’t have to post them anywhere, they’re just for you. But you’ll feel more confident after you’ve worked a few angles!

5.Greens are the New Black

While you’re starting to feel better on the outside, we know everything comes from the inside. For you to be glowing, your soul needs to be glowing. Why don’t you try a full week of more greens in your life? Make a smoothie in the morning, snack on raw veggies in the afternoon, opt for lighter meals. Eating better always gives me more energy and a feeling of success, which I really need when my self-worth is deflating.


Stopping life and just focusing on breathing will help you get in touch with yourself. We lose ourselves because we forget to communicate with ourselves, with what’s going on inside. So, stop, sit down comfortably and just focus on breathing for a while. Let the outside world cool down for a bit and regain perspective.

7.A weekend Away – Solo!

Travelling is always a great idea; travelling solo is always an even better idea! It might be scary and daunting, but you can do it. You can even just go to the closest city; you don’t have to travel far. But be on your own, explore something solo. You’ll feel the benefits the moment you step out of your comfort zone.

8.Pamper Yourself!

Book an appointment at a cosmetic centre on that weekend away and allow yourself to be pampered. Take time for yourself and enjoy it. You’re out exploring, you’re making big strides, so now, let someone else take care of yourself.

9.Accept Yourself…

This is probably the most difficult one, but it might just happen after you’ve gone through all these different steps. Accepting yourself as you are, accepting you are not everyone else, it takes time and effort, but it’s important. You’re you and that is enough.

10.  Go for a Walk!

Yes, right now, go for a walk right now. You’re almost done reading this and you don’t have an excuse. Just get out and walk for 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 20 minutes, it won’t matter how long, you’ll feel a change within you the moment you start walking out the door. You’ll feel accomplished and all it took you was one single step. Yay, you!

These are things you can do today. Things you can do right away! Don’t leave them for tomorrow or you’ll never start. You don’t need a Monday to start feeling better, you can do it now. Follow these things to continuously boost your self-worth, to continuously feel better about yourself and to see a difference in you and your life gradually. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. You just need to take the first step – take it now, walk out of that door!

Published by Michael Deane