When you will become a parent, you will most probably have to face some common issues with your kid. One of these issues is definitely having a hard time trying to make your kid eat healthy food. They all want to eat candy and fast food, and they all get angry when you make them eat veggies or fruit. Kids will be kids, right?

But the worst case scenario, is when your kid absolutely refuses to eat healthy food. When something like that happens, you start asking yourself how can you fight against any germs that will most likely try to attack your child’s immune system. In this article, we will discuss about some of the best way that will help you boost your kids’ immunity, when they hate eating healthy.


There’s not one kid out there who would say no to a snack. Some of the healthiest snacks that one can have, are definitely fruits and veggies. But as we already established, kids tend to turn their backs on those. So what you can do, is to try and mix them with other foods and prepare some snacks that look good enough. So good that next time, your kid is going to come back and ask for them himself.

Here are some examples of snacks that you can prepare for your kid:

  • Blueberry Amaranth Muffins. Providing a lot of fibre, whole grains like amaranth really help boosting your kid’s immunity. What you have to do is to make some normal muffins and use the amaranth. Your kid will definitely not refuse a good muffin.
  • Smoothie Bowl. Make a smoothie, whatever flavour your kid likes, preferably a bright colored one. Lay out toppings on it, like fresh fruit and seeds. This way, it’s going to look irresistible. 
  • Lentil Chilli Cheese Nachos. Use lentil, vegan cheese, garlic and red peppers to top the nachos. It looks amazing and it is fun for kids. This recipe is the best mix of fibre, vitamin C and fun.

Tasty Juices

The best thing about juices is that they’re colorful and fully loaded with nutrients that are guaranteed to strengthen your child’s immunity. The main reason why your kid will not say no to one of these drinks, is because they all taste incredibly good they’re fun to make.

There are numerous great immune boosting drinks that you can prepare, using an infinite number of fruits and vegetables. The thing is that, as long as your kid doesn’t see the actual vegetables, he’s just gonna be alright with something colorful that looks like juice from the store. Here are some great combinations that might give you an idea:

  • oranges, carrots, apples and ginger
  • broccoli, cucumber, kale and pears
  • apples, red beet, carrots and pineapple


Some parents might be pretty reserved when it comes to probiotics. But in recent years, research has shown that probiotics can be great for your kid’s health, especially when it comes to helping the immune system.

This “good” bacteria can provide great health benefits if it is consumed in sufficient amounts, like fighting off illnesses, cold and flu. While these probiotics can actually be found in some foods, like yogurt for example, the amount that you can find in there is way lower than the one that you could find in something like the Bio-Kidz drinks. The best thing about these drinks is that you can take them with you everywhere, they taste amazing and all the kids love them. It’s a great deal, having you kid enjoy something that keeps him healthy and happy at the same time.

Nobody said it was easy to be a parent. As a matter of fact, it’s probably the hardest job in the world, because you’re basically responsible for a little human’s life. It can get pretty harsh when your child has health problems, more specifically, when his immune system is weak. We, as human beings, encounter billions of germs everyday and there’s really nothing we can do about that, for us of for our children. But what you can do, is to try to boost your kids’ immunity by using the methods mentioned above. It’s a hard thing to accomplish, especially when the kid hates healthy food, but it isn’t impossible.

Published by Andre Smith