Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and talk about common traits of Millennials and how that works into your marketing strategy.


 Although I tell everyone that I am a different breed of millennial, which isn’tuntrue, I am still by definition a Millennial. And despite how much I try to deny it, I truly do carry many characteristics of Millennials.

 If you are a follower of my sassy blog posts, you are probably not only wildly attractive and extremely intelligent, but you will follow along with the tone of this blog. Most articles are biased towards Millennials, because they were written by Millennials (duh!) , but there are some that point out our negatives, which shouldn’t be ignored.

 I’ll keep the list short. We will discuss 5 Positives and 5 Negatives.


  1. Multi-Taskers: Despite the research that shows no one can truly multi-task, tell that to the Millennials that accomplish 10 tasks in a day, that would take a Boomer 3 days to complete.
  2. Tech-Savvy: Let’s be honest, human beings didn’t raise us; TV, Computers and Video Games raised us. Boomers may be able to manipulate humans, but we can manipulate technology.
  3. Transparency: If you haven’t caught on from any of my blogs, we are a sarcastic, witty and a completely direct generation. No more holding our tongues or waiting our turn. We take the floor with ease and confidence.
  4. Motivated by Meaning: According to Millennial Marketing, 37% of us are willing to purchase a product that supports a cause we believe in. We also attract like magnets to passionate people. We might be entitled and spoiled, but we care about making a difference in the world.
  5. Open To Change: We ebb and flow in this world with a certain finesse. We adapt easily to changes around us. Throw us to the wolves and we will become the alpha.


  1. Self-Absorbed: We think really highly of ourselves. We will volunteer for near impossible tasks, even if we know we will fail. A Pew study said a shocking 59% of Millennials defined themselves as self-absorbed. Hey… at least we are honest.
  2. Not Time Oriented: Mind Tickle says that 69% of Millennials believe office attendance on a regular basis is unnecessary. 89% of us prefer to chose where we work rather than be stuck in an office Monday-Friday, 9:00-5:00.
  3. Crave Constant Feedback: I’m still surprised we haven’t been labeled the “whiney” generation. We cry about everything. Especially when someone else gets recognized over our own accomplishments.
  4. Broke: We are terrible atmanaging money. We have a “life is short” mentality and try to live it to the fullest. I am sure we will learn once we want to retire and have no money to do so.
  5. Greedy: Probably because we can’t manage our own money, we want everyone else’s.


How does this affect you and how you market your company? Well let’s take a look at the 5 tips I have put together for your booming success.

 Tip 1: Time IS of the Essence
I recently made a video to market The Online Kitchen Designer and when I looked at the analytics, over half of the viewers didn’t watch past the first minute. Whether that means they don’t need the service or just got bored of the topic… I didn’t get to the point quick enough. So, get to the point quicker than I did! We are like cats… Easily attracted to things, but just as easily distracted.

Tip 2: Don’t Qualify Us Out:
I have to digress with a story here. My boyfriend and I were car shopping last week at Marvin K Brown Cadillac. We looked pretty casual, as most Millennials do, in our athletic wear and tennis shoes. As Dan was getting his car appraised for trade-in, a man with dingy, baggy jeans and purple dread locks walks in. The sales associates and the financial manager immediately discriminated against this poor guy. Turns out, (because I am a total eavesdropper) this guy was a millionaire. He owned 3 companies and just wanted to reward himself by designing his next Cadillac.

 Yes, we are terrible at handling our money, but that’s because WE SPEND it. I cannot tell you how many times I have been discriminated against just because I look young. You know how I react to that? I find the exact same product, somewhere else.

 Tip 3: Support a Cause
Too many businesses out there don’t support anything except lining the inside of their own pockets. Donate something… Work with a charity… Despite how much your product costs, you’ve got 37% of Millennials that will buy it if they believe in your cause.

 Tip 4: Make it Useful
We don’t want to waste our time on something that doesn’t have a use to us. If you are writing a newsletter or trying to reach us directly, try marketing your product as useful! The BEST Ted Talks I ever watched was by Simon Sinek on starting with “WHY”. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest clicking either of those links above… (HINT HINT)

 Tip 5: A Picture Says a Thousand Words
PLEASE GOD remove your 50,000 words of text from your website and replace it with 50 pictures. I DO NOT have time to read your babbling brook of bullshit description. Show me in a video. Do a process diagram. Do ANYTHING but endless amounts of text.


 In conclusion, we are a fickle group, but the largest. We are now predicted to surpass the baby boomer generation by far! In 10 years, we will overtake the majority of workplace positions. So, whether you are managing Millennials or marketing to them, you better learn to adapt. When in Rome… be like a Millennial.

Published by Mara Shultz