Winter 1336

     The cries of a baby slowly fades as silence reenters the room. Queen Abigail Mariella Ansgot had just given birth to her first born baby. She waits patiently in her room to see the baby again. Her husband, King Roman Henry Ansgot stood by her side as they both waited. When she gave birth, she and the baby experienced complications. The physicians and midwife rushed the baby out the room so fast, they didn’t even know the sex of the baby.

     They waited for many hours until the physician comes in holding the healthy baby in his arms. Roman goes over to him to his new child. “It's a girl… oh Gail, it's a beautiful princess!” Roman excitedly held his sleeping daughter in his arms.

     It was like looking at a mere reflection of his wife. She had radiant brown skin like caramel, with curly red auburn hair. Her eyes were extremely precious. Her mother's green eyes on the left, and her father's blue eyes on the right.

     The physician explained that her eyes were originally both green. Then her eyes got swollen and had a terrible fever. Once the swelling went down, her right eye turned blue. Her condition was called a Heterochromia Iridium. He describes it to be rare but not impossible.

     The next day, all of the Royal council and the castle staff were in the throne room to see the new princess. “People of Dortchtown, meet your new heir to the throne. Princess Layla Marie Ansgot,” exclaimed Gail as she holds Layla up. The whole room cheered for her.

     Roman and Gail looked at each other and smiled. They knew that Layla is destined for something great.

*Taken from Succession's chapter 1

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Published by Shannell Assem