We love Boston Pizza, as a locally grown franchise in BC.  Here’s the story behind it, and the reason why you should go here for pizza, if you live in Vancouver; it’s our number one pick for the best pizza you can get in the City, hands down. The very first location in BC was built in Penticton, and from there, 16 more locations were subsequently opened, showing a rapid growth in this brand, over a ten year span. Boston Pizza is now a well-established business and name, with experience in the food and hospitality industry, dating back as early as the 70s.

We say, if you are in BC, this is where you should go for pizza, and we’ll even go as far as calling it “Luxury Pizza!” And the US agrees with us; they call theirs “Gourmet.” Why do we call it that? Because it’s the best kind, and also a great choice if you want a healthier alternative. When you come to BP for Pizza, you pay for the overall experience. The ambiance is great, always lively, and it’s a really fun, laid back place to gather with friends. They also like surprising their dinner guests with unique, good-mood food ideas like: Heart Shaped Pizza on Valentine’s and Festive Features to celebrate other occasions, like Canada Day.

They even do every day alternatives, with really great, outside-the-box choices, like this Perogy Pizza.

If you are a Vegetarian, you probably already know what we mean; If you don’t, you have to order from Boston. They have the best, Vegetarian Pizza you’ve ever had, and to top it all off, they have just about every kind of veggie you can think of. We like creating our own, and choosing all of the fresh, sliced veggies they have! Get the tomatoes; they’re half slices, and make your pizza look fancy. We also love that it’s made from high quality, REAL, ingredients, so you don’t get all of the grease that you’re used to with other take-out pizza.

Likewise, they have plenty of options for ‘Starters,’ and great choices for drinks to pair them with too. We like restaurants like these who don’t discriminate against Vegetarians. Most of the starters are meatless, and they have lots of options for good, healthy salads, like:





-BB&K – a.k.a. Brussels Sprouts Salad

-Pecan Salad (comes with Chicken, but you can ask for it without)

-Beet and Peach

-Smart Eats, House



On Tuesdays, they do Pasta!

The best part is that the Patio is open all year round, and it’s heated! Boston Pizza, Theatre District, is located in the heart of the downtown core, very conveniently placed in the shopping district (i.e. Robson St.), near the Scotiabank Theatre. It’s the perfect place for stopping or ordering in, especially if you live in Yaletown, and for $5, they’ll deliver it right to your condo door.

The ongoing special at BP, is a buy one get one half price offer for their specialty pizzas, and just in time for the Holiday Gift Giving Season, they have Free $10 Gift Cards, with the purchase of a $50 one.

B.P. = Be Pleased!

That’s our favorite way to shop for the holidays; A Gift for someone else, and a Gift for you too.

Boston Pizza Theatre Location is located at:

860 Hornby St.

Vancouver, BC V6Z 1T9


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Boston (Vancouver) Pizza is a local Luxury

Published by Jennica B.