The Bow

I know when I think of bows, lace and dolls and little girl dresses spring to mind...

Well it's not quite like that in the fashion world at the moment, I am not a 'girly' girl but I'm developing a healthy respect for this new trend.  Bows don't need to be all fussy prissy and girly.   Check it out....

This look is not fussy or prissy, it makes sense is comfy, and it has a certain "something I threw together" style......I love this look!!



This look is slightly more girly.  The dress is plain, and could go either way, but the bows give it just that little bit of a push into a fun look.  I like this sort of look for work if I'm feeling ......well......crap.   This look can bring me out of the dumps in no time.  That's actually a very important lesson my Mother taught me and I'll do a blog on it quite soon I think.  If you feel down, dress well and your mood will soon lift.



Now this look is a winner and again, not too prissy.  It's full on class and the bows all match in without being OTT.  Perfect for a night out.


Till next blog... and if you have some style or trend you would like me to research, just leave a message.



Published by Susan Crowe