I have made the tough decision not to go to my graduation with everyone else. 

Firstly it is way too expensive, especially considering how much I'm going to be paying back in fees anyway. It was going to cost me £70 for tickets plus my gown and cap. Plus I had to put an extra ticket on the waiting list just so my son could come to it as well as my fiance and my dad, which is already ridiculous considering he's only two and could have sat on someones lap. 

Secondly, the graduation will be super boring. I know like 8 people in the whole Uni and some of them I don't even like, Why should I sit for hours just to watch everyone else go up there when I don't know 90% of them. 

Also, we will already have our certificates - they get sent through the post. All I'll be doing when I go up there will be receiving a blank bit of paper, and letting the rest of my Uni know how shit I did. 

So yeah, instead of this I'm going to organise a meal where all my friends and family can come, and I'll order a shitty cap online and have my actual certificate and I can pose with all my friends and family, most importantly my son and we can have as many photos as we want without having to pay £25 per photo! I just need to wait for my certificate and then I can get sorted!

Good luck to everyone that's actually attending their graduation, I hope you have a lovely time! 

Published by Danielle Kirk