Not that kind of fun, either. I'm talking about in the bookstores. Among the pages that take us outside of our reality. In worlds far beyond our own, where strong female protagonists save dystopian worlds from evil governments. It's far too easy to walk into a bookstore or library and find hordes of books featuring female protagonists-meanwhile, books starring strong male protagonists are as easy to find as front row seats at the Super Bowl-unless they're in romance novels. Then you're getting into cliché territory, where it's all about 'big, beefy man meets oh-so-obviously beautiful woman'.

Middlegrade fiction features a colorful selection of storylines with strong protagonists, both male and female. Young male protagonists are featured in an amazing array of storylines, ranging from mysteries to action-packed adventures. Which is why you'll find me with a mountain of adventures in the middlegrade fiction section. Color me weird, color me crazy, but I'm a girl that's not into the whole girl power scene.

​For me, there are far too many strong, beautiful young women saving the world, and not enough boys. I look forward to the day when all of that changes, when young men in worlds outside of our own become just as legendary as Katniss Everdeen or Tris. But for now, girls continue saving the world while wrestling with love interests, not leaving young male readers or male readers in general with much to read.

Published by Courtney Warren