Boys will be boys they say as he pushes her against the wall as he gropes her body; leaving a trail of fire and ice

And as she screams for him to stop, he continues his harass as if the words stop and no means please and more but maybe in his twisted mind, it did.

Maybe that was how he was taught because girls never say what they truly mean because that’s what society says we do.

But as she started to cry and her breathing started to get rough, his ego and manhood started to erupt because this was what she wanted or at least that was what he thought.

Because to him this was action. This was a game where he could play anytime – to use and discard her and when he was done, he would just let it be because no one would say he did anything wrong. Because you know, boys will be boys.

Or maybe they’ll say she asked for it because of her hiked up skirt and revealing blouse or maybe because of how she smiled at him and he bought her a drink – maybe people will say that she owed him because of that.

It seems like too many people think that consent is something that can be taken, instead of being given.

So, the boy who forced himself to a girl, who repeatedly said the word no wasn’t doing anything wrong because she was asking for it.

When did no stop meaning no and started meaning yes? When did being unconscious and unready start becoming an invitation for you to invade her body?

But you could argue that she’s a slut. That she sleeps around so she wouldn’t mind being on all fours and sucking the life out of you without consent because hey, that’s what sluts do.

And boys will be boys. 

Published by Ghela Marie