Brain is the most important human body, at the top center of the brain there is the most special part of the so-called Pre Frontal Cortex (PFC).

Jordan Gravement, the human brain researchers said PFC section only exist in the human brain, the part of this that distinguishes man from animals. PFC been created by God for human with a reason, PFC is the one who will make humans have ethics.

PFC function like a leader. PFC was the one who performs the function of concentration, understand right and wrong, self control, delayed gratification, critical thinking and planning for the future. In other words all the functions of judgment and decision-making is on PFC. PFC-has shaped the personality and social behavior.

Unfortunately PFC is a part of the brain most easily damaged. Damage to the PFC will affect a person's entire life. The cause damage PFC is physical impact, narcotic substances, psychotropic drugs and other additives. From the above damage, apparently no cause other damage to the greatest damage that is pornographic or narkolema (narcotics through the eyes).

Might seem too forced that narcotics through this eye damage PFC. Let us examine how the drug through the eyes of PFC damage. Call someone named John, a 12-year-old teenager who first saw the images on television that lead to pornography. Initially John was shocked and disgusted. John disgusted with the first pornographic images he sees this as a system that exists in the brain Limbid John becomes active. Limbid system to regulate emotions is also the desire to eat drink and sexual needs. This system activates a brain chemical called dopamine. Dopamine gives pleasure, curiosity, too addicted. Dopamine is also active if when a person consumes drugs, therefore the properties of opium pornography are similar to those of drug opium.

The brain will remember what made John happy and able to remember how to do the fun of it. This addiction can only be denied by John if he would get the moral, ethical, and norms

Different conditions that occur when the moral, ethics and norms that held John capable defeated by the desire to enjoy pornography. When John was bored to the activity which he did, his brain will push to view pornography again. John needed a pornographic image again and again to trigger more happy circumstances.

Information technology is rolling fast, very easy for John to reach the pornographic images or even video that he wanted, initially John just wants to see a picture/video is slightly open,  John unlocks all the videos/images on the internet. John initially sees only one minute, then  John looked up to 1 hour. At that time John had experienced addiction to pornography.

How pornography can ruin PFC? Dopamine drained from the system Limpid to PFC, people are addicted to pornography will drain the excess dopamine to flood the PFC, PFC consequently inactive because submerged by dopamine. The more frequently disturbed PFC, PFC function for concentration, understanding of right and wrong, self control, delayed gratification, critical thinking and planning for the future fading. In such circumstances Limpid systems grow bigger and continue to activate dopamine, so it will continue to seek pleasure without fear of further repercussions.

If not treated immediately, John likely to be a lifelong customer pornography and suffered brain damage in the PFC. Initially John will lose concentration, the ability to weigh right and wrong, as well as reduced ability to make decisions. Continuation of this addiction John will try to masturbation, sexual intercourse was consensual, it is easy to change partners, marriage is not important, consider couples only as sexual objects, tend to debase the opposite sex, sexual unhealthy, being rude to the heart to rape.

When these properties can not be changed, John is no different from an animal, this is due to the damage caused by the PFC. Before PFC John submerged by Dopamine and badly damaged due to the influence of pornography, John different from animals, but now the damage caused PFC John is not working. John is the same with animals.

Donald Hilton Jr., a brain surgeon to say brain damaged by pornography if photographed using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) damage caused by addiction to pornography showing similar results with brain damage due to accidents. Donald Hilton Jr. also said that in contrast to the impact of drug which affects the brain in three parts, pornographer suffered damage to five parts of the brain.

Pornography on children are more destructive because the PFC is not yet fully developed. Patience and attention to families in preventing and overcoming pornography addiction in children is expected to protect our generations from the scourge of pornography and sexual crimes.

Published by Mahmur Marganti