Good morning :=)

This is a snapshot of a toasty breakfast variation we had ourselves. Even if you have only a couple of minutes before leaving the house. These toasties are super easy to prepare in the morning, and besides looking awesome, they taste sooo good!

What you need?



Toast – in our case full-grain

avocado 1/2 to 1

1 banana

chia seeds



coconut flakes

chili powder



  1. slice your avocado and put on a toasted toasty
  2. slice your banana and do the same
  3. pick some cress and put on the third slice of bread
  4. sprinkle your avocado toasty with chili powder, salt, pepper and some vinegar if you like
  5. put some honey on top of your bananas, sprinkle with chia seeds and coconut flakes
  6. for the cress, also use some salt and pepper and chili, line oil makes the perfect fit here!
  7. ENJOY!

These toasties are sooo easy to prepare, but will be THE eye-catcher on your breakfast table🙂


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