Breaking Habits to Reach Happiness…A Labor of Self Love

Spirituality energy 2Labor Day, 2016!  The end of Summer, the beginning of Fall, my favorite time of the year.  And today I am continuing on the path to take small steps toward what is important to me.  I have labored my whole life to do what I thought I was supposed to do; and it was not always easy because it was a  fight against what was my natural way of living.  And I know what my natural way of living is now that I have returned to being me…

No more laboring, just living!

From our early days, we come creatures of habit.  We learn those habits from the total world around us.  I learned to hide my true feelings, most of the time, because I certainly did not fit the mold my parents were forcing me into.

Organized religion is one of the habits I have broken.  I was raised Catholic by a Catholic father raised by Polish immigrants and a Converted Catholic mother who listened to everything the priest told her every day of her life.  I watched Catholics at Sunday Mass pious during that holy hour to go on to get coffee afterward to gossip about everyone at the Mass.  Today, I have participated in many organized religions only to be planning a nondenominational spiritual activity as I move to Oberlin.

The Sunday paper and daily newspaper reading became a lifelong habit while the printed media has become more and more irrelevant as the technological media world provides us with news as it happens rather than in time delayed format.  But I am breaking that habit because the vibration of the media, especially as we head into the horrible part of an election year, is totally against what I work daily to provide to myself through meditation and mindful living.  There are no more newspapers coming to this house to have their pages turned simply out of habit.  Positive vibrations are headed my way more and more every minute of every day!

Dysfunctional family relationships are no longer part of my habit which I learned at the knee of my mother.  Anger, drama, no more!  And I have worked quietly, diligently, with intention, and the sibling relationships are on the road to peace and loving.

Living healthy rather than “living” because you have to die of something has brought me to breaking the habit of bad eating–no more sugar, no alcohol (except on very special occasions), no more non-organic foods where possible.  And the positive vibrations of breaking this habit are already presenting themselves.

The workaholic habit has been broken also as I have found that taking care of me allows my productive work to flow easier.  My business is thriving, piece by piece, and I am learning just what my business is.  There is no rule that says emails and phone  calls must be dealt with immediately or on weekends.  My business is not an emergency service business.

Creating the habit of making my personal family the top priority is manifesting itself…

Creating the habit of healthy friendships is manifesting true friends and, in some cases, surprising old “friends” who were not friends but bad habits.  They are being broken by taking all of the good habits in the process of creation into consideration as the old make their demands and have their little tantrums to get attention.

The graphic at the beginning of this blog is energy exploding, blowing out the old habits and pulling in the energy of the new habits.  This is work, this is labor, and it is my version of Labor Day.  It is a symbol of freedom to move forward to create the life I am willing to work for…  Take a few moments today to see what you labor for and why.  Just a suggestion from a friend breaking old habits and creating new…It is a lot of work!

Published by Janice Marie