I just want to share this inspiring read about Queer Muslims.

It has really helped me open my eyes to what real Muslims are all about. For too long have I understood Islam only by the doctrine of oppression in certain countries, by the actions of a few criminals using this religion as a reason to commit evil, and by the hate-spewing mainstream media who strives on building divisions to increase its readership.

Check out the Queer Muslim Project

Everybody should be completely free to interpret the religion they are born in according to their understanding. Everybody should be free to interpret their gender identity in a way that feels most comfortable to them. Society needs to move on from putting everybody in a series of little boxes and having rigid expectations of how everybody should behave according to where and how they are born.

Let's change things. Only a tolerant, dogma-free society is a happy, peaceful society.

Published by Claire Schembri