"You've never been so far" was the caption under a picture of the EU flag without one star in my Instagram feed. Yes, I'm talking about that day. The day people of the United Kingdom have voted to leave the European Union.

These last days I spent online, reading countless articles and tweets about brexit, trying to figure out how that was possible and hoping for the best. Now, I know it's time to say what I think about it.

I'm not British. But my heart is aching for and with British people who hoped to stay with us as much as we, the rest of EU, hoped for them to remain. My heart is aching for everyone in the United Kingdom who woke up to their country being torn apart, regardless of their political views. This is way more terrible than actual question of leaving. This is more - this is hatred and fear, all mixed up in a boiling cauldron, destroying the country from inside. The division between people, the division which is that big and serious, is far more dangerous than everything else.

The power is in unity and I'm not talking about unity with Europe only. I'm talking about unity inside the country, the unity of nation; something that, unfortunately, the Britons seem to have lost after the referendum.

Looking back at history we can see that humankind survived as long as it was together. The country can survive on its own when the country is united itself. Otherwise, it becomes vulnerable. The country is like one big family, right? And when family fights, every single member of it suffers. But the truth is, when one family unites with the others them all become stronger.

It is our pain and loss, too. With brexit we have lost a family member and it is painful for us to see how the United Kingdom is torn apart now.

Division brings hatred, and hatred brings war. Shall I say what goes next in this chain?

Published by Valérie Visconti