Travelling alone to different places as the part of professional and personal engagements has become a common practice in the current scenario. But still, despite this fact, the idea of visiting some new place without the company of any friend or relative can enthral anyone, especially if you are a woman. You will agree that although there have been vast changes in the lifestyle of people during two decades, nevertheless there are various countries in the world where women are till date considered as the secondary citizens and are deprived of enjoying the benefits of fundamental rights developed for everyone.


Well, this might surprise you, but still, the situation of women in the Asian continent is not as good as the women in the European continent and still, there are lots of restrictions imposed on them from their family and the society. This, however, does not mean that the Asian women are not educated or less in any other aspect from women in the western countries. In-fact, if you move around the continent you will find women like Indira Gandhi, Benazir Bhutto, Sirimavo Bandaranaike and many others who not only became the Prime Minister’s of their respective countries but also made their recognition across the globe in their respective field.


Unfortunately, despite the contributions from these women towards the political, social, and daytime development of their countries, the women of these countries have to struggle a lot with exploring their talent. In such circumstances, if any woman plans to travel abroad, and that also for promoting her paternal business, then the struggle that she has to undergo can be understood only by the person who has faced it.


Surprisingly, this happened to me when I expressed my intentions of taking our ancestral business of Malaysian restaurant across the borders. Here I would like to let you know that since my childhood, I have been crazy about visiting the United Kingdom once during my lifetime due to various reasons. And, therefore after completion of my graduation in hotel management, I revealed my intentions of establishing a branch of our restaurant in the vibrant city of Brighton.


Moreover, as my mother was also assisting my father in the business I had a feeling that it will be easier for me to convince them of my intentions. But, I was mistaken because as soon as I revealed my wish in front of my family I was honoured with the surprising eyes starring me and a big ‘NO’ from my parents. Honestly, it was for the first time I realized that despite being proud of living in the modern society, we should try to change the mentality of our society that endorses itself as the group of well mannered and socialized people.


Anyhow, as I had also decided to not turn my steps back after long discussions with my family a day came when I flew to my dream city Brighton with lots of dreams and excitement. Here, one thing which I would admit without any hesitation that as soon as I stepped in my flight to Brighton I had tears in my eyes for leaving my country and family just to achieve my ambition.


You will agree that nowadays the trend of street food has emerged as a fashion among the youths, therefore going through the popularity of Malaysian cuisine across the world I was confident to make the taste of Malaysian cuisine popular in the streets of Brighton by launching my personal Malaysian Restaurant in Brighton. Moreover, as my family restaurant was renowned across the Kuala Lumpur and George Town I was sure that it would be easier for me to make my dream come true within the short span of time.


Well, finally, after few hours of travel I stepped on the land of Brighton of with lots of excitement, dreams and threats. As, I have some friends already staying in Brighton as the part of their job, finding a suitable accommodation wasn’t a daunting task for me. After a few days of hard work, I was able to find a suitable location for establishing a Malaysian restaurant in one of the famous streets of Brighton under the flagship of my family’s surname.


Here I would like to confess one thing, that the journey from Kuala Lumpur to Brighton was not as easy as I had been thinking, but I feel if you are confident about your abilities and determine your personal boundaries then nobody can stop you from making your dream come, despite gender discrimination.

Before, leaving for Brighton I had assured my parents about following limitations that I have determined for myself.

  1. Visiting different places only during the day time. Although, the nightlife in Brighton is quite vibrant then also I had promised my parents that if I have to go anywhere it will be only during the day hours and not in the evening.
  2. I had also told them that before visiting any new place I will collect the whole information about that particular area and will be in touch with my friends, so as to ask them for any help in case of an emergency.
  3. Along with this, I have also promised to call them at regular intervals during the hours when I will be away from my place.
  4. Before, leaving for Brighton I had collected information about the local etiquettes from my friends.
  5. Generally, whenever I have to go out I used to carry limited cash with me and do not wear any expensive jewellery.
  6. I also had decided to not get much friendly with the unknown people, and not to eat or drink any food item shared with them.
  7. I also did not share my address or contact details with everyone whom I met during my work.

Following the above-mentioned limitations, I was able to make my dream come true and made my parents, especially my mother to feel proud of myself in front of our relatives and family friends.

Published by Kash Pals