12 years after The Edge of Reason, Bridget Jones is back for a third movie – Bridget Jones’s Baby, directed by Sharon Maguire (who directed the first movie of the franchine, written by Helen Fielding, Dan Mazer, Emma Thompson and starring Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth, Patrick Dempsey, Jim Broadbent and Emma Thompson.

Has anything changed for Bridget Jones after all these years? Well, not really, she’s still in the same situation, single and despite not being with Mark Darcy anymore, she clearly still loves him. However, the big three are not all back, indeed unfortunately Hugh Grant is not in this third installment of the franchise. Though, his character is mentioned, we see his funerals, presumed dead after a plane crash, what is supposed to be a sad moment turns into a great comedic scene, with a lot of models from Eastern Europe at the funerals, one of them speaks and as she does Bridget says the same words, it turns out Daniel Cleaver has said the same things to every girl he’s been with. This time, the second man in Bridget’s life is played by Patrick Dempsey who plays Jack Qwant, an American who is the founder of a dating site based on an algorithm. So what new adventures Bridget faces in this new movie? Typical Bridget stuff – more ridiculous situations, lies, love and … and … a baby! Who’s the father? That’s all that it’s about, throughout the movie Bridget has no idea whether it’s Jack or Mark and from that there’s a lot of laugh with all the situations she puts herself to avoid the two men to discover the truth and when the two learn that both could be the father, there’s even more ridiculousness coming from that. We’re still falling for Bridget, she’s still the same even 12 years later. You won’t be bored with Bridget Jones’s Baby, you spend 2 hours of laughing.

It’s a lovely British romantic comedy, so obviously when you see a romantic comedy, you know what to expect at the end but it doesn’t how good it is. As you may have guessed Bridget marries Mark Darcy in the end and her son is Mark’s son, Bridget is finally getting her true happy ending. However, Jack is still part of their lives, he’s a friend. And the surprise is Daniel Cleaver is still alive and that information makes me a bit sad that we didn’t get to see Hugh Grant in the movie, I would have loved to see him coming at the wedding! To be honest, I was a bit afraid that the movie wouldn’t feel the same without Hugh Grant but Dempsey does a great job as Jack Qwant that you don’t feel the void left by Grant’s absence especially that I think his story was concluded by the end of the second movie even though I would have loved a small appearance of him as said just above.

Emma Thompson has come up with a great script that goes back to the quality of the first Bridget movie, and it’s just beautiful to see this! There’s so much awkwardness and funny moments like when Bridget invites Qwant to make an appearance the TV news she’s working so that she can get his DNA to see if she can determine who’s the father or when Bridget does a presentation for her work at a special event and completely messes up or even when she mixed up the general for his driver, the list goes on quite long. Among all the laughs, there’s also some emotional moments about Bridget’s feelings on who she wants to choose Mark or Jack.

The soundtrack is really good, there’s some beautiful songs, one that I would mention in particular – ‘Still Falling For You’ by Ellie Goulding during the ending credits.

7.5/10 12 years later, Bridget Jones hasn’t changed, it’s still deliciously funny! A beautiful romantic comedy!

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Published by Storai Thomas