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So, I came across a video today on goals… and it brought to mind a particular memory which inspired this write-up.

At the start of 2015, the C.E.O of the last company where I worked encouraged us to write down our goals for the year. I laughed this off as I figured I had them in my head so there really wasn’t any need to write them on paper.

As that year rolled by, I found I was not making any progress with my career goals. Not even one and then I took a step back to ask myself, “Omon, really what are your career goals?” I realized that I had none.

future to the present

All that I thought was stored in my head were all gone. I had no guide or strategy to work with. I was just all over the place while my head was swarming in so many things.

One thing I knew for sure was I wasn’t happy with that job but I had no plan on what I actually wanted to do let alone the next step to take. And then 2015 went by like that.

However, 2016 turned out to be beautifully different for me. How so? I would share with you in a bit….

In a few days, we shall be entering the last month of this year, 2016. If we are to take stock of how the year has been? What would we say? How are we going to rate the year? Excellent? Good? Fairly good? Not good? Did you achieve all you thought you would by this time of the year?

Now back to my story…

Watching this video on goals today, made me not only think of myself but of you too. One thing I can say for certain is I am not where I used to be. Sure for me, having a start-up business and doing what I love is a great dream come true; one I didn’t believe I could achieve because I always saw myself as not a business-oriented person.

Bring your future into the past

I guess I was just scared to take a LEAP but I did and though I haven’t achieved all I set out to this year, I am particularly glad I am not where I used to be.

I wrote my goals, gave myself deadlines and worked towards them. This has made me more accountable and responsible to myself.

I have grown in all manner of speaking and now, my mindset has been altered and tuned towards the positives that has made me come to the realization that truly we have the power to either MAKE OR MAR OURSELVES.

I took a bold step into something I had not the slightest clue how to run. I just needed to stop procrastinating and start acting and I can assure you, it has been worth the journey every step of the way.

As I go through my list of goals, I can again say with all gladness that I am real proud of all I have achieved so far and while I still have a long way to go, I am super glad I am not where I used to be.

Bring the future to the present

I tell you “Write your goals on paper for by so doing, they are not just thoughts anymore but actions that can be brought to reality”.

We all have goals, dreams and aspirations but they are all locked up in “someday”…. “Someday, I would be the boss of me”, “Someday, I would open that business”, “Someday, I would brace myself and leave this unfulfilling relationship”, “Someday, I would have that degree”, “Someday, I would be confident”, “Someday, I would make money and leave this life of mediocrity”……and the list goes on and on.

Now the sad fact is “Someday” never comes. Take it from one who knows….until you decide to put your foot down and take a step towards achieving that dream of yours, your goals would always be locked in “someday” in the future.

We are a people of excuses! We allow ourselves to be consumed by fear so much so that we find ourselves lacking and inadequate to get or live that dream life we want. We find it easier to settle than to PUSH!

Bring the future to the past

If asked now, “Are you where you hoped you would be at the start of this year?” What would your answer? While some of us may have experienced some growth, majority still find themselves on the same page they were at the start of the year.

Why is that? Because the story changed from “someday” to “excuses”. Now you hear; “Well, I couldn’t take the entrance exam into college because there was no time”, “I have not been able to leave him/her because I am afraid of starting over. I have put too much into this. He/she will change”, “I couldn’t get any capital to start the business. I am still waiting to get something”, “I don’t think I can actually do this…I am not that smart”.

We just keep making excuses…anything to get us away from actually making an effort towards what we really want to achieve. We are super comfy in our comfort zones. We don’t want to BREAK A SWEAT but we want a dream life…how does this work?

Your thoughts are not magical without effort. Thinking it is one thing but doing something to actually achieve it, is a totally different ball game all together.

Bring the future to the present

How about we try something….

Get a pen and paper even as you read this article. Not later, not tomorrow….NOW! Go get a pen and paper and when you get back, I’ll still be here waiting for you.

Penning your goals to paper makes you more committed to achieving it.

Now, start writing…..Write down all your dreams and aspirations and the steps required to achieve them.

You want to get a degree? Why not go online now and find out the necessary requirements to get you into that school and course of study that you want? You want to start a business? Do researches now to find out what that business entails before you start thinking of capital.

Money doesn’t necessarily have to come first. You need to be prepared all round for what you want before it can come to you. If you read my article on LIFE IS REMARKABLE WHEN TIMING IS EVERYTHING, you would get my drift. Preparedness makes you ready for what your heart desires.

I repeat….put to paper, your dreams and aspirations and take a step towards achieving it.

Let’s see the much progress we can make before the end of this year. 2016 cannot be all that unfulfilling. We still have ample time to do something and make something of ourselves.

Bring the future to the present

Let us leave 2016 with a bang and step into 2017 with so much to look forward to.

Apply for that job. Ask for a raise if you think you deserve one. Ask for that promotion. Ask for assistance if you need one.

Chat me up if you need my help…..that is why I am here….to guide you to achieving and living your dream life.

Whatever it is, let your someday be today…not later, not tomorrow, not next week but TODAY! RIGHT NOW!

Make a decision today and act on it. The reason is simple…..IF YOU WANT IT, CREATE IT.

Make a move today……anything at all. Just take a step towards that dream goal no matter how minuscule. Just ensure you are a step forward from where you used to be. That is growth. That is progression.

Bring your future to the present

You can start losing weight TODAY! You can start eating healthy TODAY! You can start making money TODAY! You can become a whole new you, TODAY! Break away from the chains of limitations and start living already. LET YOUR SOMEDAY BE TODAY.

I will be launching a new program called A BEAUTIFUL MIND soonest.

I would take you on a journey to see the endless possibilities of how you can be whoever you want to be if only you just allow and apply yourself and I guarantee if you work with me and do all I ask you to do, you would become a whole new you at the end of this program.

This series would totally transform your mindset and help you harness your positive energy to your your success, to your happiness.

We would see great minds at work…..Michael Hyatt, Jeff Walker, Les Brown and the likes.


I would bring you tips from these great people whose lives today remain an inspiration to millions of people and you too can be a part of it. I will let you know about it as I progress.

Thank you so much for reading this. Hope you found it super interesting and fulfilling. Find out more inspirational articles on

Meanwhile, how about we get started on taking an action today towards your dreams and goals? Pen down these goals and let’s see how we can get started on them.

So what are your goals and how eager are you to achieve them? Drop your comments in the box below and let the journey to an awesome future begin.


Published by Omoakhuana Anthonia Imoisili