Victoria secret models are supposedly the most beautiful women in the world so why is she constantly being taunted for her height? Are these models not tall? Girls everywhere look up to these women. They want to look like them, be them. But I bet if you ask that little girl how tall she wants to be, I have a feeling six foot wouldn't be her go-to number. Sure, maybe with heels. Maybe with a man by her side with four inches on them. No one ever wants to stand tall because standing tall is standing alone. Men are intimidated by women with height.

Height is power.
Height is strength.

Men are afraid of strong women so they hide their insecurities behind asshole comments and arrogant remarks about their own bodies. He's a staggering 5'6 so naturally he goes to the gym every single day. Why? To build muscles he can hide behind. A safety blanket if you must. Everyone knows he's scared, he's hiding. But he likes the tall girl. He even prefers her over the other girls but he will never admit it. He will continue to taunt and ridicule her because what other choice does he have? She will fall deeper and deeper into a spiraling hatred of her body and eventually herself. She will develop eating disorders because maybe it's not her height, maybe it's her weight that scares him off. Then she'll dye her hair. Men like blondes more right? When all else fails, she realizes all these cosmetic adjustments won't make her happy. Changing her looks will not change the length of her bones. She will one day learn to understand and accept that's it's not her, it's them.

She is strong and she is proud.

She doesn't need men who degrade her, who call her names. She doesn't need to hide behind a safety blanket. She does not have to tear others down to feel better.

She can stand tall. 

She is powerful.

She is beautiful.

Published by Nicole Wojtowicz