The story of Brock Turner and how he raped an unconscious woman is unavoidable. Seriously. every time I log onto Facebook there is another meme or article about the man. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't touch the story with a 10 foot pole. It's outside of my comfort zone as a writer and don't feel that I can do it justice. However the theory that Turner is a product of the so called "Bro Culture" made me decide to write about this. 

Rape has been an issue for hundreds of years, if not thousands. No person, man or woman, deserves to have their right to say no taken away from them. Nothing makes it OK to have sex with someone who is unconscious and no I don't care if the rapist is drunk, I'm not Judge Aaron Persky. A choice was made by Brock Turner to insert himself into a girl who couldn't give her consent. How is that sexy or a turn on in the least? His sentence of just six months in jail because the Judge worried about how it would effect the rest of his life screams of white privilege. 

Imagine that the rapist had been anyone but a wealthy, white guy. The sentence would have been much tougher, though a poor, white man would have been given more leniency than a black man. There is no doubt in my mind that race and money played big factors in this bizarre sentencing. And did Persky think about the poor lady who was raped? No the victim was blamed, basically it was her fault for falling asleep/passing out at a party?! What? Are you kidding me? If Turner had been the victim instead of the aggressor, there would be no victim blaming going on. 

Saying that the culture of Bro's is also taking away the blame from someone who made a choice. Brock Turner choose to insert himself into a woman who could not and did not say it was ok. While men, especially those that are "Bro's" talk about sex and may even have competitions to see who can have the most sex, there has never been talk that rape is acceptable. Many of the friends I have, both in Detroit and New York City, ask me how to woo or charm a woman. It's part of being the gay friend to them. That's what the real Bro culture is, men supporting men. Not men taking advantage of women. 

Stop blaming something stereotypical and let's take a deeper look at what society has become. White Privilege has never been so rampant and so under the microscope, but the pressure needs to be kept up and real change needs to be made.  

Published by Ed Anderson