I have a month left before I return to university to start my masters degree. I quit my job as I thought I wanted this month to chill, relax and revise. I have enough money left just for bills, no money to spend on summer or activities. I am starting to feel really bitter about my decision. I have applied for some part time work but by the time I hear anything back I will have two weeks before I go back to uni, so to me it is pretty pointless. My days are spent being bored out of my skull to the point I went on Wikihow to look for 'things to do when your bored'.

The list's I found weren't great, I will share a few of my favourites: 'try swallowing your tongue' 'follow the first passer by you see' 'create a new language'. Now I haven't got the largest attention span and this did not appeal to me, this just seemed like unnecessary effort. I googled and looked endlessly for other lists and ideas in hope to inspire me to actually find something to occupy myself. Nothing.

What do you do when you are bored, broke and bitter? The bitter part is the worst, because you feel so shitty it is hard to motivate yourself, you feel more lazy than usual, so making notes for my masters course just isn't happening, no motivation can be found here. What is one to do? I suppose I could great creative, find some old clothes and create something quirky, I am no good at sewing I would just start and then leave it in a pile somewhere. I could bake,  but there are no ingredients in the kitchen and lets face it I can't afford to buy any.

Clean the house, done done done, too many times, I cannot face seeing the hoover anymore, a little piece of me dies when I see it. I have focused on my blog writing, but seriously how many blogs can I write in a day? I have written list upon list of things I can do, but I do not want to look at is as I will see how little I have achieved. Music has been a good motivator, it has helped lift my spirits so I can feel like accomplishing something.

But what now? I have been on walks around my village, played with my dog, cleaned the house, and I am still broke, bored and bitter. Someone needs to come up with a decent list of things to do when broke and bored. I have read books to pass the time, but after an hour of reading I'm bored. I need something, a project to completely consume my day, this has yet to be found. So I will carry my last month of summer freedom being broke, bored and bitter.

Published by Katy-Jane Pitt