Every time I go to the theater to see whatever new romance/ romantic comedy movie has come out I notice something. While a decent percentage of the ladies even some men in the audience start to tear up during a certain scene, I don't. As the featured film ends and we all begin to shuffle out of Theater #3, there are a few cried out faces. But... not mine.

Now don't misjudge my lack of outward emotions. I am definitely feelin' all the feels on the inside, but as for crying my eyes out, it just doesn't seem to be something I can do. It's strange... isn't it? I kind of feel like there's either some broken piece inside of my mind that inhibits my brain from sending the needed message to my eyes, preventing my tear ducts from turning on. Or, and I hope it isn't but I fear it is, I am simply dead inside. Even though I feel all of the appropriate emotions internally, the fact that I can't express them externally is saddening. Out of all of the romance/ romantic comedy flicks that I've seen since my teen years, only one has magically caused tears to trickle down my cheeks. But, that's it. One movie out of an infinite amount of movies in that specific genre have I oozed water from my peepers.

The other night I watched A Walk to Remember for the tenth time and guess what... no tears. The Notebook... not a single drop. Hell, two weeks ago I watched South Paw and nothing. Now I know that's more in the category of a "come back/ sports" movie, but Billy Hope's story was a frickin' doozey. Losing his wife, then losing custody of his daughter while spiraling down. Then after hitting rock bottom and losing everything he picks himself up and fights back with his last ounce of strength. I should have used at least a half a box of tissues. Tissues should have been needed for all of the movies I just mentioned. Nope, not one single soft white square was needed to wipe away any outer emotions.

So I ask you... am I somehow broken inside or dead? Is there anyone else out there who doesn't end up with puffy eyes after a sweet romantic movie? Have I watched too many horror/ creepy movies over the years to where it's effected my ability to tear up every now and again?


Published by Derra Sabo