At night, fairy tales come true. The twinkly stars make all dreams seem possible.

The lights were off. She waited in the bed, well wrapped in the blanket, and with the eyes squeezed shut. His steps resounded on the empty hall. The breath caught in her throat. She knew it was wrong on so many levels. He hurt her. He made her heart bled.

One, two, three… she counted the steps until the door clicked open.

She swallowed hard and hugged herself. Despite the thin clothing and the good portion of skin that was being shown, it was her soul that felt naked. He entered soundlessly. No words were exchanged for they both knew they had only this night.

She cried with every kiss, of joy and of sorrow at the same time. He touched her void of any other emotion than passion and lust. She welcomed the fever, showering him with love and need. Their encounters were nothing like in the movies. They weren’t sweet; they were rather messy - tangled bodies and rough kisses.

When the morning comes, the magic spells breaks, leaving humans as mere shells.

She woke up alone. The mattress held his scent still.  The sun rose proudly, emanating warmth. It found her crying.

“I wonder… will he come again?”


Have inspiration,

Rebecca Radd

Published by Rebecca Radd