'It’s been five years since Summer Marks was brutally murdered in the woods.

Everyone thinks Mia and Brynn killed their best friend. That driven by their obsession with a novel called The Way into Lovelorn the three girls had imagined themselves into the magical world where their fantasies became twisted, even deadly.

The only thing is: they didn’t do it.

On the anniversary of Summer’s death, a seemingly insignificant discovery resurrects the mystery and pulls Mia and Brynn back together once again. But as the lines begin to blur between past and present and fiction and reality, the girls must confront what really happened in the woods all those years ago—no matter how monstrous.'

This book was awesome.

I wasnt know what to expect going into this book, but I ended up loving it. I was worried when I say that it was written from dual perspectives which I usually don't like, but it really worked with this story.

This book was definitely a slow build. Even though it was slower at the beginning I never once felt bored whilst reading this book. I like the way the plot was slowing revealed after we learn about the characters.

I loved the characters in this book. They were so different from each other yet they were perfect for each other. The different personalities helped to carry the story and each of their personal strengths had an important role to play as the story unfolded. One of the things I loved about these characters was that they were relatable and they continued to change and grow as the story went on.

Lauren Oliver did a fantastic job with the writing in this book. It was really emotive and kept you on the edge of your seat. I loved the way she developed the relationships between the characters with witty and relatable dialog.

The plot of this book was awesome. I love the way it played out all of the unanswered questions and memories that needed deciphering made for a really interesting read. Unfortunately for me I read a lot of mysteries and watch a lot of crime shows, so I wasnt surprised who the killer was.

I know a lot of readers will be surprised when all of the pieces fitted together, I was interested see how it all came together and I knew who had done it. That just shows me how well it was written. I usually lose interest in stories like this once I know the ending but that didn't happen with this book.

If you are looking for a good mystery with a truly emotional connection, this is the book for you.

Broken Things by Lauren Oliver is a fantastic book that will captivate you and take you on an emotional journey.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker