In the breaking
I abandon all
And shift the focus up
And cry a while
And moan and groan
For things put in my cup.
And friends can’t help
They stay away
The suffering creeps them out
“What’s wrong with him
Just get a grip.”
I hear the demons shout.
And prayer is tried
It hits the roof
And comes right
Back, it seems.
He’s elsewhere, yes
God does not hear.
While Satan smirks and schemes.
It’s third time down
The waters rise
I’m drowning in this mess.
But looking up
No other choice
A hint of soon redress.
I hear Him now
In tones of love
Just softly at the first.
Yes, He is near
And rescue comes.
I hunger and I thirst
For more that’s right
And clean and kind.
I’m learning of His heart!
The suffering brought
New ears to hear
And thrilling days now start. 

Published by Doug Blair