I have brown eyes. I consider them black because they're so dark. I often joke that my eyes are black, much like my soul. And it is a little sardonic.

55% of the world's population shares the "same" eye colour. That's roughly 4 billion people. That's a lot of people. Throughout since I can remember, brown eyes have always been given the boring, tossed aside treatment. Everyone has hated their brown eyes. As much as I hate the series, Bella Swan from Twilight was never happy with her "boring brown eyes" until she became a vampire because then she struck jackpot with golden eyes. Brown eyes were always covered by contacts or framed by glasses so they didn’t stand out.

Everywhere around us, brown eyes have been shown the door and told that because it's so common, brown eyes aren't anything special.

I've come to love my brown eyes. It took a lot of time though. When I was younger, I would look into the mirror and see these intensely dark eyes framed by dark long lashes. And I would whine to my mum and ask for green coloured contacts because what better combination then a young girl with Indian heritage and therefore fair, olive skin having dark long lashes to frame expressive green eyes? But of course, the world is cruel and I was told I couldn't wear contacts because I had astigmatism. And therefore, not only was I stuck to wearing glasses, but I also had to come to terms with the fact that my eye colour would remain "black" for the duration of my life.

And I did resent it. A lot. I consider myself blessed to have rounded eyes and long curled lashes. But I thought it was a curse that I was stuck with these ugly, dark brown eyes that looked so emotionless and boring all the time.

I wanted eyes that conveyed emotion from one glance. I wanted that power over someone, where one sweep of my frosty blue eyes could convey what no words could. I wanted the gentle warmth of hazel eyes. I wanted the captivation of green eyes. Because all I saw was black. Black when I was sad. Black when I was happy. Black for every emotion I had. My eyes were so dark; they were devoid of the emotions I possessed. They were my poker face.

Until of course, I saw my true eye colour. While playing around with lighting, I took a selfie with natural lighting flowing through my room. And I was pleasantly surprised to see my eyes were not black as my soul like I enjoyed referring to them in my typically cynical way. They were in fact black pupils surrounded by a combination of hazelnut, mocha, cinnamon and golden flecks, with a ring of grey around the iris.

My reaction? Astonishment 

As clichéd as it does sound, I think that's when I truly started appreciating brown eyes. Because I realised the hidden mysticism and beauty behind brown eyes. Our eyes tell stories, hide treasures and are so expressive.

I began to see exactly how expressive my eyes are. I began to notice the little changes that are so subtle because my eyes are dark. How they would lighten up when I was happy. How they’d become dark and unreachable when I was sad or stressed or guarded. How they would reflect the night sky when I was astonished or excited. How they would brighten when I looked at the person or people I loved.

Our eyes transform from looking like freshly brewed single origin Ecuadorean coffee at 10am to amber whiskey sitting in a crystal tumbler at 4pm. Our eyes are the colour of home, warmth comfort and safety. Of Autumn and Winter, happiness and love shared between others. Our eyes are molten pools of caramel, honey, chocolate and copper. Our eyes are the colour of the night - mysterious and captivating. Our eyes tell more stories then our mouths ever could. Our eyes whisper the secrets we’re afraid to tell. Our eyes are unforgettable because they’re more than just brown. They’re a palette of colours waiting to be unveiled.  Most of all, brown eyes are beautiful.

So here's to romantising brown eyes. Here's to celebrating the beauty of an eye colour that isn't encompassed by one colour. Because, if I'm being honest, there is nothing more attractive then staring into a pair of gorgeous brown eyes and getting lost in the depths of gold and copper, green and grey that hide within the shell of brown.

Brown eyes deserve every bit of romanticism. Because they are just as beautiful.


Thank you so much for reading!

- Simran

Published by Simran Goyal