When it comes to social activities, I am totally a morning person… I rather go for breakfast or lunch, than for dinner. So recently, I heard that the brunch at the Four Seasons was the best in Mexico City, so guess what… I had to try it.

I immediately made reservations for me and my boyfriend – yes, apparently it was so good that you have to make reservations, even if it is open almost all day long (from 11:00am to 4:00pm). And so we went.

I can now say that it was very good! First of all, the place is awesome, far for the city noise, eating tables are rounded by a beautiful garden with a fountain in the middle that gives the place very relaxing vibes. So for me, that was a great start.

We were welcomed by a glass of refreshing mimosa and were introduced to the different cooking isles around the place.

We enjoyed the delicious beef, chorizo, and seafood from the barbecue isle, which had different meat cuts to try. Oh! It also offered paella, which I had been craving for a while. That was a great surprise for me. We also went to the Mexican isle, from which I had some delicious sopes. The ladies there had many different toppings to choose for the sopes and the quesadillas, so if you are into Mexican food, this would be your isle.

There were also ceviche, cold meats, fruits, pasta, sushi, and cheese isles, and of course we had a taste of almost all of them. I emphasize the word ¨almost¨ because there was so much food, that we couldn’t try it all. But there was one that we definitely had to try: the desserts! OMG! We didn’t know what to choose from all the options that there were, and we didn’t want to suffer a sugar coma afterwards either, so we only tried a couple of them, and they were sooo good. 

It is a little expensive though, so I would suggest you go with a group of friends and plan to stay for a while, so you get yo enjoy everything there is. 

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