After 4 years of break Bruno Mars is back with his magic, not just magic but a 24K magic. 24K Magic (pronounced “twenty-four karat magic”) is the third studio album by American singer Bruno Mars. It was released on November 18, 2016, by Atlantic Records. What I love about Bruno Mars is he is one of the male singers that actually has the flawless vocals and the coolest tracks and he’s part Filipino and that is the reason why he is one of the known artists here in the Philippines. When I heard that Bruno Mars just dropped new music I’m like “yeah cool, he’s back at it again, okay.” and when I first listened to his latest single ’24K Magic’ I’m just “oh okay, it sounded like Uptown Funk” I never really liked the upbeat funky songs he has been releasing from his past albums, I was never really a fan but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t made me dance or sing along in any point. But I liked more of his soulful and slow love songs before like ‘When I Was Your Man’, and ‘Just The Way You Are’ so don’t judge me please (lol).

So what made me decide to do a review for this album when I wasn’t even a fan? Well there’s this one song from the album that I can’t stop listening to for days now and that is ‘That’s What I Like’. The song is an upbeat R&B with the slice of the perfect beat and vocals that is well done plus its sexy and fun lyrics is just perfect together. This is my jam right now, really on repeat (literally, i’m listening to it while I’m writing this). This song got me so much that every time it plays, my dancing is on point, I’m lip syncing, feeling myself  and I just can’t stop. I just loved it, that’s why I downloaded the whole album. It just takes one good song for me to be curious and decide to listen to an album, you know, just one good song.

The album has 9 songs, which is probably the shortest track list I have ever downloaded . ’24K Magic’ is a combination of dance funk, r&b that will make you dance even in your sleep and soulful vocals that will make you sing along even in your sleep too. Most of the songs are perfect for dancers, it is one of the few albums that is perfect for dancing because all of the songs in it is perfect for routines (i love it actually just because it is perfect for my dancing style). The first track is the lead single ’24K Magic’, this song has been a piece of our dance routine we had for a competition and it was dope. It gives the party cool vibe Bruno has left us on 2012 and was perfect to be his comeback single, for it made everyone excited and happy about his comeback. Some songs even had some MJ inspiration into it like ‘Chunky’ and ‘Finesse’, or it’s just because Bruno Mars really reminds us of Michael Jackson himself. The song ‘Perm’ reminds me of 90’s hiphop perfect for house and locking routines. While the soulful song ‘Too Good To Say Goodbye’ makes me think that if it was released within my mom’s era it’ll be one of the song she’ll be singing in the karaoke today. But the album just gets better with two sexy songs including ‘Versace On the Floor’ and ‘Straight Up and Down’, i don’t have to explain further, you know what I mean. For all we missed the soulful Bruno, he is showing in this new album that he is experimenting with all his songs and it wasn’t a disappointment for he shows that his retro tunes is the needed flavor of the mainstream radio to give it a new taste and that’s what he did, and he did it perfectly.

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