Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBD) is proving to be an icebreaker for many wanting to begin their banking journey, which was earlier difficult for them with account maintenance charges and several other levies.

The beauty of BSBD account lies in zero maintenance charges along with a wide range of exciting benefits that await you if not kicked off your banking sojourn yet. Almost every bank has this account in store for you. Let’s move ahead and get detailed on the BSBD Account services offered by different banks in India.

Banks Where You Can Open BSBD Account

There are a handful of banks where you can go to open the BSBD account. Let’s check out them one after another.


The State Bank of India (SBI) ranks among the largest players in India’s banking space. The bank’s BSBD account has the following benefits for you to avail of.

  • No requirement of minimum balance

  • Basic ATM-cum debit card to be issued with no fee and  annual maintenance charges

  • Get the money credited to the account via NEFT or RTGS free of cost

  • You can deposit or collect the cheque, drawn by the state or central government, at no cost

  • No account closure charges

Is There Any Eligibility Sought for SBI BSBD Account?

Yes, the bank wants you to meet the following criteria to be eligible to open a BSBD account.

  • BSBD and any other SBI basics bank deposit account can’t exist together. If that is the case, the already running savings account must get closed within 30 days from the BSBD account opening date.

  • You can withdraw up to 4 times a month, including withdrawals from SBI and other bank ATMs, NEFT & RTGS transfers, ECS, etc.


The private banking leader HDFC Bank is also involved in offering BSBD accounts to the customers. Let’s check out what it offers through such accounts.

  • No need to maintain balance in the account

  • RuPay Card to be issued free

  • Cash can be deposited at bank branches and ATMs without any cost

  • Passbook to be offered free

  • Free credit of money to the account via NEFT and RTGS

  • Four free withdrawals allowed in a month

  • InstaQuery facility to be given without any fees

  • Free e-mail statement

  • Free lifetime BillPay facility

  • Safe deposit locker

  • Super saver facilities

  • Convenience of net banking, mobile banking and phone banking

Eligibility Criteria to be Met

You must meet the following criteria to be able to open the account.

  • Resident Indians and Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs) can open the account

  • The account permits only four withdrawals a month, including the withdrawal of cash from ATMs of HDFC Bank or any other, RTGS or NEFT transfers, standing instructions, internet debits, EMIs, etc.


Another private sector leader that gives you the chance to open a BSBD account is ICICI Bank. The bank offers the following services through this account.

  • No need to maintain balance in the account

  • RuPay Card to be issued free

  • Cash deposit to be made free of cost

  • Cash withdrawal can be made free

  • Passbook to be issued without any cost

Published by Zachary McGavin