There are different programs, degrees and studies that you can opt for your future. Talking about BSc degree in Occupational Therapy, it is a three-year programme that caters you knowledge and skills you need to begin career. This means that once you graduate in BSc OT, you will be qualified to register with Health and Care Professions Council. You would be there as an occupational therapist.

Talking about operation theatre technicians, they are associated healthcare professionals. Their tasks are like assisting Doctors in Surgery, sterilizing instrumentation before surgery, arranging surgical instruments before surgery, cleaning surgical instruments after surgery, following Surgeons’ commands during surgery and looking after anesthesia equipment.

Is there a course too? 

Yes there are many courses out there that can be walked through. You can pick a one that fulfills your desires and help you make a career. You can enroll in an operation theatre course so as to learn various types of techniques and methods.  Once you do this course you get qualified to become an operation theatre technician. Under the arrangement of a hospital, Operation Theatre technicians are generally a part of a team that encompasses Doctors, nurses and many other associated healthcare experts.

What can you do after Bachelor of Science in Operation Theatre?

Once you are qualified in BSc OT technology, you work in a theatre. This operation theatre technology act as trustworthy members of healthcare professionals they work under the guidance and supervision of the nursing anesthetic and surgical staff during a surgery.  These are the people who work in government and private hospitals, healthcare settings or nursing homes. This qualification enables you to apply for the post of operation theatre technicians. During this course, you are given in depth understanding of the concept and all the related things. It is to ensure that you can work professionally and effectively in an operation theatre.

Is there any scope in these areas?

Yes, there is a huge scope in this field. This is a job oriented paramedical zone and caters tremendous job opportunities. Since the medical care facilities in the government as well as private sector are expanding swiftly, there is a lot of scope for both operation theatre assistants and technicians. Talking specifically about India, a source of new jobs are opening up in the profession of allied health science. It has always been observed that there is an acute shortage of qualified operation theatre technicians in hospitals, medical centers and nursing homes.

Once you get into this course, you get a chance to work and be trained in the Operation Theatre as a part of the anaesthetic team.  You get to witness a lot of procedures and many different surgeries every single day. This way you get a theoretical as well as practical experience. Since the need of expert technicians is high in India, more and more students are getting into this field. 

Thus, if you have interest in the field of medical then you can consider these courses or areas for your career. You not just get to learn so much but you expand your scope too. 

Published by silv Watson