Pop, is the sound
And once again time stands still.

I was trapped
In the throes of a strange fear,
A fear of disappointments, of failures untold,
A fear that spoke of times unknown.
A fear so overwhelming that I crumbled.
And that is when the bubble came on.

That is when the bubble came on,
Wrapped itself around me
Radiating warmth and a promise
A promise of freedom from fear’s clutches.
And I surrendered.
I surrendered into its beautiful embrace,
And forgot all my fears.

For here was a world of mediocrity,
Where being insignificant was laudable.
And the achievements of others were derided.
The achievements of others were derided,
For what purpose they could hold in a life meaningless
It was to be just lived through somehow.
A meaningless life and a meaningful afterlife
This was what resounded through the bubble.

The resounding words through the bubble,
Never allowed efforts to foster,
Kept achievements at bay.
I continued to live a happy existence,
Troubled only by a small part of the soul.

A small part of the soul that had welcomed,
The fear when it arrived,
Acknowledged its existence and made peace with it
And had decided to work to put them to rest.
That soul fragment still rebelled.
That soul fragment still rebelled,
Prickling the mind with thoughts of achievements,
With ideas of a rise out of the mediocrity,
With the embracing of fears,
These prickling thoughts finally popped the bubble.

Pop came the sound,
And then time stood still.
The realization came rushing in.
Of the irrecoverable time and opportunities lost
While I lay inside my bubble.
And I let it wash over me
Fear came calling too,
To clutch at my heart again.
But I embraced it,
Acknowledged its existence.
Made it a part of my being.
And lived tumultuously ever after.

The bubble has come calling,
Only to be popped again.
For I want to be aware and grow.
Not to shield and lie low.

Published by Vinayak Kesarwani