I don't actually know why they call it Mini Baguio. Maybe because it's cold up there.


Baguio City, also called the city of pines, is known to be one of the tourist attractions in the Philippines famous for its cold temperature even in the summer and its strawberries.

Lol, going back, would you actually believe we were hiking for four hours straight without having lunch and only rested for a few minutes? I couldn't believe it myself either since it was actually my first time to hike a mountain. Last year, 2015, Bucari had recently been attracting travellers and tourists because of its stunning views and breathtaking instagrammable photos. My college besties and I have decided to explore it during our Christmas break. It was kind of a bad idea because December is a rainy season. I actually slipped going down the mountain because the land was muddy. Haha.

It was sunny in the morning when we left Iloilo around 10am because we still did our mini surprise party for one of my friend Vicky since she was my secret pal as well as it's her birthday after a few days which was why we left late for Leon. Haha. When we arrived, the jeepney dropped us off somewhere haha like a jeepney and tricycle waiting area for tourists who want to go to the campsite where we could decide if we'd ride the jeepney or the "habal-habal" - riding a single motorcycle that could reach almost the top of the mountain.

We opted for the habal habal since the jeepney would take too long because the passengers have to be completed so that it could leave right away and we had to leave at 4pm (since we haven't planned on spending the night there) because the last trip of the jeepneys leaves at around 5. It took us about 45mins riding in the habal habal to get to the camp site. It was scary because there were two of us in one single motorcycle and it drizzled on our way so there was this part of the road going uphill where it was all muddy and the driver had difficulties balancing us. But the drivers were already experienced in this so we got up safely. Tip: If you think one of you is big in size, don't ride with a pair because the driver will have a hard time driving you guys uphill.




When we arrived at the campsite, we had options whether to pay for a tourguide or explore by ourselves. We chose the latter...and yes, we got lost. We were trying to hike going to the waterfalls but we didn't make it because we don't know how long would we still hike and we have to get back before we miss on the last trip. It doesn't matter though because when we reached the beautiful sceneries, it was all worth it. #Naturegasm one of my friend would say. Haha.

















Not yet the spot we were heading to, but serendipity! Found a new breathtaking view we haven't seen in pictures yet. Haha!














So, we were actually finding those spots in the breathtaking photos of our friends and people who've been to Bucari. We decided to go back to the campsite and ask someone if where are those spots/scenes located. One of the tourguides said we took the wrong way so he offered to lead the way to us for free. Haha! And there, we found it and truly the view was amazing and breathtaking! Another tip: If you don't plan on spending the night there, leave early lol. If given the chance, we'd definitely bring tents, camp, spend the night when we go back there.


















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