Budgeting of product packaging is becoming a big issue for most of the companies these days as most of them trying to cut them to the minimum levels so that they can put those saved finances on the development of other sectors like marketing, advertising, and other areas. This will help them to hold their market shares and maintain a steady market growth. The introduction of low-cost building materials such as cardboard, plastic, and few others in the market have provided the best option for the makers to develop cost-effective and economical packing boxes for their valuable goods. These materials are easily available in the market all over the world and the best thing about their utilization is that the resources required to mold them into beautiful and effective packaging are also very cheap and economical. These recyclable building materials allow the manufacturers to reuse their packing boxes after their purification and refining which reduces the packaging cost as well to a great extent.

Cardboard Packaging: -

The packaging industry has been revolutionized after the introduction of cardboard material because it reduces the cost to almost half of the amount which manufacturers were spending on the development of packing boxes with old building materials such as glass and metal. With that, they become able to create such packaging designs with its help that are much more attractive and striking for the customers whom they did not even think about to create a decade ago with the old ones. The machinery required to cut and mold the cardboard material do not cost much as well which makes the development process of cardboard boxes very easy and simple. Even the companies with small budgets can also afford these amazing looking boxes with ease and can compete with their competitors on equality basis. The printing cost also comes down to a huge extent with the usage of cardboard because it comes with easy printing options. Simple printing machines can be used for this purpose which does not cost a lot and one can print their own made artworks on it effortlessly. In past, the printing of the packing boxes was considered as an expensive and time-consuming procedure but with the arrival of cardboard on the scene, this concept is totally changed as it allows the designers to print the artworks on them very easily.


Plastic Packaging: -

The plastic has replaced the glass material with great effectiveness and efficiency. It has almost all those qualities which glass possesses but the additional qualities it possesses make it the best choice among both of them. The packaging made from glass is very delicate and fragile in nature and with that, it cannot be recycled very easily as well. A large number of glass boxes are wasted during the packing process due to breakage and cracking which increases the cost to a huge extent. This problem is solved with the arrival of plastic building material because it is quite durable and sturdy in nature that the boxes created with its help last for a long period of time. If some of them are wasted due to any defect or problem then they can be recycled and reprocessed again into new ones effortlessly with the help of latest techniques and methods. It provides an eco-friendly solution to the maker which is the need of today’s modernized world because customers are getting more conscious about the environmental issues nowadays. As compare to the glass material plastic boxes are much cheaper and economical and put a very low burden on the manufacturer’s pockets.  

Cardstock Paper: -

The cardstock paper is a preferable and desirable choice for many makers in today’s world for the creation of their product packaging due to its countless qualities. The main reason behind the usage of cardstock paper is that it is very economical in nature and makes the budgeting very easy for the manufacturers. It allows the makers to give their packing boxes any required shape and design effortlessly according to their own desires and wishes because it comes with countless easy customization options. The resources required for this purpose like the machinery, manpower, and others do not cost much as well. It can be printed with simple printers very easily which makes the designing process more interesting and exciting for all. It is available in many colors in the market that makes the life of the designers very easy as they don’t have to dye their building materials according to their client’s requirements. Simply, they will get the required color cardstock paper sheets from the market and develop the boxes for their clients. It reduces the manufacturing cost of the packing boxes to a great level which inspires the manufacturers to use it for the product packaging.


Kraft Packaging: -

Kraft cardboard and paper sheets are the most economical packing solution available to the manufacturers these days. It comes in plain brown color and one can print it according to its needs and requirements very easily. Kraft cardboard boxes are very durable in nature and used for the transportation of goods from one place to another. They are very lightweight in nature as well which reduces their labor and transportation cost to some extent. Mostly, the cargo companies are using these boxes for the delivery of goods to their customers. Kraft paper bag is another economical packing solution which is mostly used by large grocery stores to pack the shopping of their customers. These bags have replaced the polythene plastic bags in most of the countries where people and governments are more serious about the environmental issues because they are easily recyclable and eco-friendly as compare to the polythene ones. The extra resources required to develop the packing from Kraft building material do not cost too much as well which help the companies in reducing their goods packaging cost. Kraft building material is on the top of the favorable list of many companies because it not only provides them cost-effective solution but also helps them in creating beautiful designs of packing boxes at less cost as well. 

Published by M Yousuf