Action. Motion.

Do you know the difference?

In the March series, Make The Turn, we’re talking about how to create our intentions. It’s hard to know what to do next when your mind is buzzing with ideas. However, going in a million different directions is the mental equivalent of driving in a roundabout. It may seem like you’re moving forward, but you’re just circling. To get to your goal, you have to choose an exit and make the turn.

Rich heard the apartment door shut. He came out of the kitchen and whispered, “I finally got Ruby to sleep, so keep it down.”

“That homeowner’s association meeting was a disaster. I’m already sorry I said yes to leading the Building Improvements team,” Craig grumbled.

Rich gave him a hug. “I think we both need a glass of wine. What’s the problem?”

“I knew everyone would have their own perspective about making changes, but that’s putting it mildly. Mrs. Hayes has been here for decades and went on and on about the elevator. Families like ours want a kid-friendly building. Beatrice couldn’t stop complaining about doormen, saying she got much better service when she lived in London. It’s impossible!” Craig said, sinking into the couch.

“Slow down - you’re hyperventilating!” Rich joked.

Craig wasn’t laughing.

“Things will sort themselves out.”

“You’re kidding. That’s your answer?” Craig shot back. “I didn’t offer to chair this committee to come up with nothing.”

“I’m just saying that you might be getting ahead of yourself. I can’t believe anyone thinks you have to solve every problem at once.”

“OK. I’m listening.”

Rich shrugged. “This group reminds me of one of your infamous dinner experiments where you pull out every pan in the kitchen. Flour and water makes cake or tortillas. Before you jump in, what are you guys cooking up?”

“Hmmm…I guess I was so overwhelmed trying to make sense of everyone’s concerns that I didn’t think of it that way,” Craig said.

“Have you talked with the Board Chair to see what they’re expecting? Maybe you could start with a list of big ideas with recommendations. If they want more, they’ll tell you.”

Rich poured the last of the wine into Craig’s glass. “It’s human nature for everyone to say “Me first!”, but there’s no way the homeowner’s association has the budget to meet everyone’s request.  Get the committee to pull together to work on whatever the Board Chair wants – you’re all working for her. You won’t seem like the bad guy ignoring someone’s pet project…and you know I’m talking about Mrs. Hayes the next time you see her at the elevator!”

Scattered thinking equals inconsistent results. If you find yourself circling and cycling, regroup and go back to your intention – it’s your North Star.

This week, say “Yes!” to taking action. Build up what’s working.

Say an equally enthusiastic “No!” to distracting yourself with random motions that scatter your time, your mind and your budget.

When your mind is calm, the steps to meet your goal, the “how”, become obvious. Take your choices from frantic to fun.

Published by Michelle Mains