If you’re thinking of building a deck then this is the article for you! We’re going to talk about the whys and the hows of building a deck.

Why Build a Deck?

So let’s start with why you might like to build a deck! No doubt if you have found yourself at this article, you may already have an idea that building a deck is something you’d like to do – but there can be so many advantages to a deck, that you may not even have realized them all – advantages such as:

Value Increase – A well-built backyard deck will go a long way to adding a little extra value to your home – anywhere up to 2% in fact. That may not seem like much, but on a £300,000 house that could be an extra £6,000 – not to be sniffed at!

Summer Parties – Increasing the value of your home is great, but it shouldn’t be the main reason you look to install decking! No, if anything, you should be looking forward to all of the summer parties you can enjoy! Decking provides a great focal point for a party as it’s easy to decorate, and it’s a great place for guests to congregate.

Lawn Protection – If you enjoy throwing summer bashes and BBQs, then you’ll probably be aware of the damage that can be done to a lawn by lots of feet! Building decking provides somewhere else for people to gather helping to protect your lawn from damage.

It’s a Focal Point – What to build the garden around can be a bit of a challenge. Without a focal point, the overall design can get a little messy however, so it’s good that decking can provide that central point for easy garden design.

Low Maintenance – Or, to qualify that a little, they are relatively low maintenance! Truth is, they are built of wood and wood is a material that needs a little TLC. But really, that generally won’t have to extend past sanding down and varnishing every year or so to protect the wood from weather damage.

Year Round Usage – Many people consider decking to be a summer item, and in its basic form they are correct. However, with a little creativity they can really be year round structures. They can be roofed, they can have protective walls and trellis attached, they can even have heating and lighting installed. This can be a real boon for people (like me!) who have small houses but big gardens – it’s like adding an extra room.

How to Build a Deck

Well, those are some of the reasons why – though you no doubt have a few of your own too!

The next consideration is how it is going to be constructed. Now, many people look on building a deck as an ideal, long term DIY project – but is it?

You know your personal limitations when it comes to home DIY projects – more importantly, you also know the limitations of your tools – for example, I’m going to guess you don’t have access to a small mechanical digger? That means all earth moving for the foundations has to be done by hand.

Look, there are pros and cons to calling in a professional builder to construct your decking. For one thing, they will have the tools and experience (and manpower) to get the job done quicker.

They are going to be able to employ the kind of craftsmanship that will result in decking with a long lifespan.

They are going to be able to put down a solid and perfectly level base that the decking supports will sit on. Perhaps more than anything, this is the most crucial element of the decking. A poor base can lead to subsidence that can lead to the deck tilting – even actually collapsing – after only a year or two of use. 

That’s no good at all!

Like I said, I’m not here to tell you what to do – but I would certainly suggest you at least consider what a pro deck building company can bring to the table. No matter how it gets built however, I hope (I’m pretty confident) that you have a great time with your new decking! 

Published by Michael Deane