Maths involve skills and an understanding of the subject, as it involves numbers, proofs, theorems, shapes and figures which are used in problem-solving. One requires a high level of critical thinking to understand the in-depth knowledge of the subject. Teachers can implement various methods to build such a classroom where students can enhance their ability and boost-up their thinking and performance. The good thing about building a thinking class in math is that it automatically produces results. Here are few techniques to build such a classroom:

(i) Use of technology: Technology plays an important role for education in today’s world, which involves e-Learning technique for studying. It involves the use of mobile phone, laptops/computer, projector, etc. for learning. One can easily learn the concepts in detail by learning from video lectures. Concepts like 3D geometry, vectors, matrix multiplication, etc. can be easily learned through technology. This will help students to enhance their thinking capabilities. Teachers must try their level best to integrate the use of technology in mathematics classes.

(ii) Solve a question in multiple ways: We are well aware of the fact that problems in mathematics can be solved by more than one method. This multiple approach for problem-solving can help students to enhance their thinking abilities. Therefore, you need to teach them to learn all the possible ways of solving problems. They can be able to confirm their answers by using alternative approaches to solve the same problem. This will in turn broaden their thinking and encourage critical reasoning. They will learn that there are several ways of handling issues in life and you need to adapt the most effective one.

(iii) Have a healthy conversation: It is mandatory for the students to get involved in a classroom session. Productive mathematical lessons should be a matter of give and take. Students will acquire most of their knowledge when they raise queries, ask doubts, and learn multiple techniques of problem-solving. In fact, learners tend to gain more knowledge when they learn from their mistakes. This would definitely help them to enhance knowledge for the subject. Encourage each learner to participate in the classroom work if you want to build their thinking capacity.

(iv) Testing the knowledge gained: Tests are the best way to check the level of preparation and knowledge acquired. Tests can be performed once a week in order to know about the lack of the class and what can be done to improve their understanding of the subject. Some students may be weak in complex numbers, while many of them may have masterly skills in standard deviation, so test can reveal weak areas that can be studied later.

These techniques in a classroom can be very helpful in preparing students and boosting their thinking abilities in the classroom. After all, this is the primary objective to taking students to school. Mathematics can be an excellent platform to use in developing the whole person. The instructor just needs to use the right approach and the students will significantly develop their thinking capabilities. 

Published by Arina Smith