As humans, everyday we learn a few things. Either how to open up more, or to close up to some certain kind of people, or to be better people or remain exactly the same. All these are part of growth.

Our personalities are somewhat flexible and sometimes this allows us to be unpredictable even to ourselves. It’s not necessarily a bad thing; it is after all a learning and building process, but as control freaks or in a more subtle way, as individuals who like to be in control of our lives, we tend to freak out and begin to overthink things and doubt ourselves.

As someone who is growing my esteem, I usually have this problem. My personality is somewhat complicated. I am usually happy, but sometimes I am someone I don’t recognize. I have unconsciously programmed myself to always smile no matter what happens or no matter what is said to me but most times that programming fails and I find it very difficult to go with the flow. I always want to go back to my original programming, but most times it doesn’t work out and I am left in Limbo.

I have learnt that as humans, we acquire knowledge of ourselves and people around us, including things until the very day we die. But the question is why are we usually hesitant to learn about ourselves and sometimes when we are willing to, we find it hard?
Let me just say
It comes easy when we are not willing and it is hard to come by when we are willing

Some people usually say,
I am taking some time off to learn more about myself, discover the hidden things but do they really, or do they bask in the things they are already familiar with? 

Our personality is flexible and also a perfectly working roller coaster. It’s part of growth. So we should bask in it and learn from it and adapt to it. Take the things we need and drop the things we don't or else it just might change us in a way we don’t want or in a way that will be too much for us to handle.

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Published by Anulika Chioma