Before we begin let me clarify one important thing: We have had Bullies be a part of our family in the past, but never again will we make that mistake.

They are far worse than anyone can even warn you about. You bring them into your home and into your hearts, you trust them and love them, and just when you feel like everything is how it should be and people were wrong, they attack.

They take away all the confidence you had in your relationship and sometimes you tell yourself, “No, this was an accident, this was a fluke, I can’t just leave them and let go of all I’ve invested” and you start this vicious process all over again.

Eventually you will learn the lessons the hard way like we have and you have to make the tough decision to move on and leave them behind because it isn’t safe, it isn’t healthy and it isn’t right to allow people to hurt you, regardless of the fact you share the same bloodline.

Ohhhh, wait…. You thought I was talking about the “Bully Breed” dogs?

That’s very dog racist of you. Why would you think that? Because of the media? Because your sister-in-law’s, best friend’s, uncle’s cousin had a bad experience with a member of this generic, not even real “type” of dog? Well, since you brought it up let’s address this for a moment and then I’ll carry on with the real purpose of this article.

…..You only have yourself to blame….

Let me clear a foundational argument concept up for anyone who seems to have fallen asleep during debate or English class when these topics were discussed: If little Toto has weird little quirks that are so cute because they are fluffy and miniature that you have never seen any other dog have, then that is the same as big Hercules having weird quirks that you have never seen any other dog have. All dogs are individuals SO what that means is, just because I don’t like one little dog because they never shut up, nip at my shins and pee in my shoes does not mean I should automatically assume that every other dog that physically resembles Sir Pee A-Lot will be just as much of a pain in my tooshy.

                          UMMM excuse me, shows how much you know, I happen to know that certain breeds of dogs do all have specific characteristics that are similar; like how almost all hounds love to sniff out and hunt things SO BOO-YA “Bully Breed” dogs are definitely more aggressive by nature than others. 

Why thank you Internet-Troll-Ingrid, you are correct, go buy yourself a candy bar. “Bully Breed” dogs are, by nature more prone to an action than others… Does anyone want to help Ingrid out on what that is?? OK, OK I’ll tell you: Hard Work. Most dogs that fall under the “Bully Breed” category are by nature (literally, not figuratively) work dogs; they thrive off of fulfilling tasks, being loyal and receiving praise. Now Ingrid doesn’t that sound lovely? Yes. It does. Unfortunately people suck, and when people figured this out, they decided to manipulate that natural desire and strength and use it for evil. So carry on Ingrid, but if you want to learn some knowledge invest some time in watching Beyond the Myth and The Champions and once you’ve fixed your attitude go down to the shelter and pet some “bully” puppies, but not before because they don’t deserve your ignorance being around them. Now that’s all I’m going to dedicate to this topic at this time, I’ve got other more pressing things to talk about. So to wrap this portion up here is a picture of the best dog I’ve ever had with the best baby I’ve ever had.


….Back to what I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted with nonsense….


Family is a tricky thing. It’s kind of like church. It’s meant for such amazing things and when functioning properly can be one of the best things in the world. Unfortunately families are made of people, and if I’ve learned anything during my time here on earth it is that people really do suck. We can be selfish, we can be lazy, we can be hurtful, and we can even somehow manage to be all these negative things on accident! However, there are people who enjoy embracing being these things. They may not admit it, but deep down there is a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when they put others down. So many different factors can cause this, and I don’t have enough time or data space to delve into that now, but the bottom line is when these people who you have invested in and cared for hurt you, they sleep a little better that night. These are the people who do not belong in your family unit.

Ummm, ok well I can’t just be un-related to someone, unless they die.

Exactly, and that’s why the moral of this story is watch Dexter and don’t get caught.

Just kidding, don’t get crazy.

There is a difference between family and family units. I’m most specifically referring to your family unit. Some Italian families may disagree with me (traditions die hard) but I believe that someone can be in your family and have nothing to do with your family unit, and visa-versa.

The hardest part is determining when making those decisions are appropriate. It is important to remember that people are in fact people and will make mistakes. It is important for the development of each of us as human beings to practice forgiveness and love. There is a point however, when you deserve better than disappointment and pain.

I have made this decision multiple times since becoming an adult, and never, ever, ever, ever has it been an easy one. I do know at my core though that it was the right one. The more you’ve invested in a family member the more difficult it will be and realistically the process you will go through will be longer and more painful to reach a decision.

The good news is, you will be stronger and healthier because of this experience. You will be more equipped to have a positive self-assessment of your worth. You will be a better family member to those in your unit. Do not feel guilty for having to chose your well-being, and those who support you in life with unconditional, true love over someone who does not. You kick those crazy, negativity loving, people to the curb and you go buy yourself a puppy. A bigadult puppy from the shelter– they know all about being let down by people who they trusted and they will be the next best choice you’ve ever made.

Because let me tell you, I have seen far more scars left on families by humans that I have ever seen left by animals.


Published by Kayla C