Okay so I have a few questions and I figured what better place to ask than here, with Mytrendingstories family. I'm afraid of making myself sound stupid but I guess the only way I'd sound dumb is by not saying anything at all, or something like that. Any who, I have this idea of starting up an escort service, please don't judge me. I've mentioned this before how I was a human trafficking "victim" in 2011, when I was 17. I was "rescued" after about a month of being trafficked, and was charged with you know what. I still can't understand how I'm being called a victim in one case and a defendant in another, especially being that Prop 35 had just been passed. After a year, my charges were dropped and after 5 years so were my trafficker. Actually, I later found out he'd been out on bond for YEARS, even though there wasn't supposed to be a bond, and I was never notified. The state attorney told me 12 months in jail was reasonable, even though it's a 10 YEAR MINIMUM, and it almost cost my life. Okay, you're right. That was some corporation he did.
     After that situation, I realized how big prostitution was back home. I used to want to be a stripper and had never even thought about this, but after seeing how EVERYONE was hip to it, I didn't feel ashamed or embarrassed anymore. I was sexually abused as a child and then to go through another traumatizing experience had definitely numbed me. When asked how old I was when getting started, woman look surprised to hear 17 and I'm not sure why? Where I come from, at 12 you're someone's jail bait. Sick, absolutely, but recruiters, traffickers and pimps don't see age, they see females. In San Diego, California, this is a $810,000,000 industry with traffickers averaging $546,000 a year. I don't know about you, but that sounds tempting as a b*tch. Hell I'm broke, for $250,000 I'd gladly sell my soul, what soul? Lol kidding, just kidding.
Back on topic, if they're making that money illegally, I can make that kind of money legally right? I thank god that I'm not weak minded and have a good head on my shoulders because I've watched a lot of woman get used, abused, killed, strung out, and everything else just to make a pimp rich and they get nothing in the end. What kind of shit is that? I'd be better than a pimp. I've gone on calls and got Bill Cosby'ed and there was no pimp to save me. I've been robbed at gun point and where was he? I don't believe in paying for security, protection, whatever, its bullshit. I understand  from a pimps stand point how and why he could exploit a female like that. This is going to sound horrible but these hoes are dumb, but we're also hurt and neglected and gone through shit. I hate that prostitution isn't legal because I wish call girls received free health care. Is it possible for me to put money aside for them so when they're ready to get out of the life they're able to go to college or start a business, buy a house or a car, whatever. Pimps are dream sellers and baby you can't sell a dream to a dream seller. I'd get these girls right! Dealing with strictly upscale clientele. I would play if I have to for them to see a doctor. I can guarantee the girl's safety through secure screening and make sure they walk out safe knowing that they've pulled their weight in the eyes of society without being frowned upon or forced.
What kind of business license do you I need to get? Do I register the name? As far as business structure, I was told if I were to be getting the license for myself I could file as sole proprietorship. However, I want to be provide benefits, so would I be a LLC or corporation? I'm not sure what neither means, god I'm so embarrassed. I want to go talk to a lawyer regarding the laws, contracts and things of that  nature, so if anyone has any recommendations feels free to let me know. Lastly, flying "under the radar" for few years now, is that going to be a problem when I go register for a business?
Sorry if I've overwhelmed you. I see the business section everyday and been wanting to ask for a minute to see if anyone could be of any assistance. 

Published by ShylahBoss Lee