Searching about start up companies, researching about business and personal growth on the web seems like a new wage phenomenom many of us do often. What do we need to know about starting up or developing our existing business?

The author

Reading someone who has already succeeded is not a bad idea. I do not want to dissapoint you but I haven't become a millionaire yet, and I must admit I am still quite far from it. However; I am on my way, and I might share some middle way insights.

Be independent

There is only one way to achieve success, and that is something very simple, be independent. If I start up a company, say a candy kiosk, and business goes so well that I need a staff assistant, you can bet who is going to get the profit and who is going to work on a salary.

Working for somebody else gives you security, a great salary maybe, and the certainty to keep working until you retire. What entrepeneurs like me want to achieve is to have people, assets or whatsoever working for us.

Do not be afraid of hard work

I can remember when I used to work for eight long hours from Monday to Friday, exhausting days of hard work dedicated to my former bosses. I do not count the numbers of hours I work anymore, as they are for me, for my own good. Everything I do now makes sense as a part of my process to achieve my goal.

I am living the dream of working independently, and achieve somethings in this eight years I have been trading. I even have a couple or three -depending on the term- of staff members with me. I sometimes work endelessly, but I usually have Fridays off, I have two month holiday a year -time that will be expanded in the future- and I decide what's best for me and for the business.

A business can become a trap

But getting independent can mean a lot of effort to pay the bills and earn a living of it. Some entrepeneurs make the terrible mistake of becoming workaholics as they believe nothing can work without them. It is the worst enemy of the start up business, and it was my own.

If you become that kind of self-employed person, you become a slave of your own creation, it sounds horrible right? It's like Frankenstein, whose monster and best creation resulted in a whole lot of trouble. I have luckily realised that was me, and I am about to change that.

Business has changed

I run a little grammar school in Sunny Spain, Lingua Franca, a place where my students come to learn and study foreign languages. Results are great, I started teaching English and Spanish for foreigners and the number of students incrased rapidly. I then become a Cambridge exam preparator and my students are thriving getting their diplomas, and I also created my own intensive courses for learning Spanish in a record time, and people keep coming and things are still great.

What else could I ask for? After achieving all the above, time. My students rely on me, and they ask for me when they come around, and I deal with mostly everything, and the place where I am at is not as big as I'd like. That is something very good, but it cuts both ways. People prefer small groups when learning a second language, but that limits the income.

In addition to that, 24 is the highest number of hours I can work in one day, so we have clearly reached a top here. When I decided to start up a business, it was actually not to have a top on my earnings, just as much as I could achieve myself, so I know there is a problem here.

But business has changed, and for good. If you can make any business online, you can get rid of those problems easily. Big companies like Coca-Cola or McDonalds have also got rid of those problems hiring enough people. In order to do that, they need enough income and clients, and that is not something easy to achieve.

But what about making some mechanical tasks performed by a cyborg? That is internet nowadays, future is here people, and if you make it work for you as your employee, you can get to where Coca-Cola is easier, faster and cheaper!

Finding your way here it's not simple, obviously, but Mark Zuckerberg might also have a say here. What entrepeneurs need to do now is to think how to do whatever they are doing -or are willing to do- online.

I have already started my own online plan!

Published by Paco Naranjo