For many years it seems the belief that leaders create followers, rule by fear and demand respect is what is dominant in business. Staff are like minions doing as their told and all decisions come directly from the top, never leaving creativity to be nurtured and no room for real leadership to develop within the ‘rankings’

The ever-changing field and more readily available insights of coaching and personal development that are in front of people so often these days is changing this massively. It is more socially acceptable to get coaching and to follow thought leaders, coaches and influencers and to implement change in how things develop.

What people have realised over the years is that we all need people, and relationships and the creating followers business process only leads to a limitation for business and pauses growth.  It also creates a rigid process which always has its limitations.

Limitations are actually passed down from C suite to management to staff, without even realising how the relationship process works and how limitations are passed on.

Leadership from the inside out

Real leaders create other leaders, you see it is only the thought that creating leaders causes mutiny that fuels the above process and we have moved on these days to understanding there is more to it. Creating leaders nurtures creativity and leadership, creativity and leadership are what dominate and project businesses financially and innovatively into a new dimension. for more info visit our website today

Creative Geniuses

You see pushing people with limitations, ie time thought leadership forces people in their zone of excellence, not their zone of genius. People learn to be in their zone of excellence, but it doesn’t stimulate their inner genius. We all have this inside of us and it requires some nurturing to bring it out if you have been held back for some time in life.

If you think about some of the worlds geniuses where did they come from? Were they exceptional to normal humans? Are some babies born more creative than others?

We are all born with the same amount of genius, we however are moulded, affected and put into pigeon holes by our surroundings, upbringing and installed values of influential people in our lives.

In order for business to grow, they need creative geniuses 

So in order to innovate businesses need to nurture from the inside out, realise that everyone has the ability for leadership, and by forcing people into boxes they only dampen this flame that is inside everyone.

The Russian billionaire and investor Dmitry Rybolovlev is ranked 242nd on Forbes list of billionaires with a net worth of 6.8 billion dollars. He is the president of the french football club AS Monaco.

Published by Mary Charli