While some people are looking forward to their summer holiday, others are planning a trip…but on business. Here is how to get ready for a 24-hour business trip – stress free!

It’s great to travel, but short working trips are a test for everyone. Especially when you have to fit all you need in your carry-on luggage. Here are a few useful tips that can help you deal with this problem and concentrate more on work. All you need is to choose three outfits – one for the journey, one for the business meeting and one for the dinner afterwards. Carefully select a universal model with classic lines and innovative materials, which don’t wrinkle or get dirty easily.

ON THE PLANE. Ladies can choose a dress made of crease-resistant fabric, similar to neoprene, or overalls, under which to wear a simple T-shirt with comfortable sneakers. A classic trench coat and a large handbag that fits a laptop and a few accessories for later will complement the outfit. I advise you to choose dark colours…airports and taxis aren’t the cleanest places in the world, moreover you risk to spill red wine on yourself. The decision is similar for businessmen – trousers with sneakers and a T-shirt for the flight, as well as with a shirt and formal shoes for later. In both cases a classic blazer will do a great job!

FOR THE MEETING. Once you get off the plane, it’s time to change quickly. Ladies only need to take the formal shoes out of the bag to replace the sneakers, put their hair up and repair the makeup. Gentlemen, replace the T-shirt with the shirt from the briefcase, neat shoes and a tie. I advise you to choose shirts made of innovative “technical cashmere” which doesn’t wrinkle, dries fast and it’s hard to get dirty.

FOR THE EVENING. The business meeting may have ended, but not your arrangements with the colleagues. You can relax for dinner or a few drinks, by taking off the T-shirt under the dress or the overalls, let your hair down and add a bright lipstick. Men, however, would look chic enough even without a tie.

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Published by Monika Kachamanova