We often underestimate the power of women at work and often have prejudice towards female employees. Today, I have asked women to share their thoughts, experiences and feelings as working women. These ladies come from different cultural backgrounds, upbringings, education and industries. Hopefully, we can all learn something from these experiences and perhaps change the way we see women at work and be less judgemental and more appreciative of our colleagues. So, please enjoy the read:

1. “Our company has 6 ladies and 1 man at the office. The field of event design is often labeled to a girly job just because it's flowers containers and linen but the truth is at the end of the day it's about organization and tell me what man is organized...” – Events Industry

2. “Its all about the attitude in the work place for both men and women. The fact is that people tend to focus more on the physical aspects of female co-workers. As if the status quo description goes something like this: her outfit + the brands + her appearance + her position + judgment, its like an essay outline we learnt in college and can´t shake off. The problem is not so much men vs women in the workplace its more women vs. women. The fact that women just deliberately and automatically feel in competition with one another as son as they enter into a room, into a situation and the matter of fact is most seem to enjoy it and most seem to look for praise only from their male co workers like if they were being welcomed into a club of something. The most important thing is to remember that in a working place its all about being human, we all make mistakes and we all need a mask to protect ourselves and convince ourselves that we are stronger than we believe to get through the daily challenges.” – Luxury Fashion Industry

3. “Being a minority and a woman in the workplace is somewhat of a double-edge sword. It’s a constant struggle trying to prove yourself as a woman in the work force, especially in a field like mine, which is primarily male-dominated. And a woman that is successful in my field is seen as threats to the male psyche, and this has been the case for me as well as some of my female co-workers. The legal field is tough by nature and competitive. So it’s not uncommon to find men who will attempt to make you feel like you are less than or somehow not on the same level as them. If I were to give advice to fellow women, or young girls who will be entering the workforce would be -- to know your worth. Once you learn to appreciate yourself and to understand what you can bring to the table, you will succeed in the work place and in all aspects of you life. And truthfully, this is something I am still learning today.” – Law & Legal Industry

4. “Being a woman in a workplace is and has until now often been an advantage for me in terms of getting hired. Whenever I was interviewed to potentially work as an Events Planner, my employers were all seeking for a detail oriented professional and therefore being a woman was an advantage. However, when it comes to getting a promotion with a higher salary or having our ideas taken into consideration, I sadly noticed more than once that men are the ones employers really listen to and take actions for.” – Events Industry

5. "Je pense qu'il est parfois difficile d'être une femme dans une entreprise car les gens nous prennent moins au sérieux. Par exemple, lorsqu'il y a un problème, les clients/personnes veulent parler au chef ou bien à un homme. Certains pensent encore que nous ne sommes pas crédibles surtout dans des domaines comme la finance. Les femmes doivent souvent faire d'avantages que les hommes pour prouver leurs compétences et avoir de la reconnaissance. De plus, les femmes carriéristes ou qui deviennent cheffes doivent souvent changer de personnalité au travail et devenir "méchante" pour se faire respecter. Pour les femmes qui souhaitent fonder une famille, la vie professionnelle peut devenir difficile et les entreprises le font ressentir." - Healthcare & Hospitality Industry

6.Work is a very important and time consuming thing in our lives nowadays. There are some struggles at work of being a women, some people think you can't do certain jobs just because you are a woman. It is harder for us to intimidate someone because we are not scary enough and that leads to not take our opinion seriously enough. Having woman at work helps the workplace as they ate the best at multitasking and they usually have this human management style that helps them to become emphatic and understand how others feel about work. It is not easy to balance life and work, you might have your period coming on the day after and tour belly is killing you however it is the deadline of a project and the expectations are really high and you will still have to give your best while boys don't have this issue” – Hospitality Industry

Published by Karina Saakyan