‘But God’ is my favourite phrase in the Bible.  There are many instances where someone is going through a tough time and there seems to be no hope or chance of success.  David begins Psalm 73:26 (KJV) by saying “My flesh and my heart faileth.”  When he seems to be at a low point he continues with, “but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.”

    There are many times in the Bible where the phrase ‘but God’ is encountered.  There are also times where it is not said, but can be inserted.  David was ready to fight an insurmountable foe in Goliath, but God intervened and guided the stones.  In Acts there is a man who sat at the gate for 40 years asking for alms.  His hope had completely vanished, but God healed him.  The thief on the cross beside Jesus was destined for Hell, but God saved him.

    No matter what your situation may be, no matter how desolate the future looks, no matter the depths of despair in which you find yourself, you can always affirm in your spirit, this is where I am now, but God can and will deliver me.

Published by Ray Richards