Okay so I’m four months late to post my Macau experience as I had been preoccupied with work and other stuff, but better late than never right?

To start off, I’d just like to emphasize how beautiful Macau is,especially its hotels and casinos. My personal favorite is the MGM hotel and Casino, specially its Butterfly Pavilion. The place is so amazing, my friends and I decided to have an impromptu photoshoot!

Anyway, here are the photos we took:

Their hotel lobby is just so colorful. I wanted to take a picture with no people in it, but couldn’t do so because of the usual traffic of people going in and out.

Here’s a closer look at it… You could really see the awesome explosions of colors and how great it looks!

At the center of the lobby is this statue of a woman under red flower lights. It looks so elegant!

And how could we miss this lion, which is basically in the logo of MGM?

Directly connected to the lobby is the butterfly pavilion. Upon entering,you could already see several butterfly decors in the ceiling.

Its architectural design resembles that of a beautiful castle, perfect for fairy tale -themed photoshoots!

Even its wall designs are simple yet elegant. The attention to detail is on point.

Because of the beauty and the almost surreal atmosphere of the place, we had no choice but to channel our inner models

And did i mention there’s also a large aquarium full of various types of fish and corals?

I swear, I also saw a stingray swimming in the aquarium!


Published by Danes Calilung