So here's a new trend I can't wait to try in Spring. (It is now Winter here in Melbourne Australia).  Butterflies,  they are a colourful creature I have often admired.

Butterfly prints are great for any age group.  Here are some ways to wear the fabulous Butterfly print.

This clothing set is perfect for a Melbourne winter (With a black fitted coat of course, it gets cold and we wear a lot of black here).   With the wearing black, I wonder if it comes from getting dressed in the dark?!  Some mornings are so dark here in the Winter.........   Flat shoes also make it versatile, great for the office or for college.  I've kept the accessories simple because of the complex print on the dress.

This is one outfit I have to get!!  In the Spring and Summer this dress would look amazing and the sandals are adorable.  The earrings are cute also, again, kept simple because of the complex print on the dress.


Till next blog......enjoy......and stay fabulous

Suuze xx

Published by Susan Crowe