Stress... frustration... overwhelmed... overloaded... we've all been there if not already there at this exact moment. We all have ways of dealing with these smile sucking monsters, whether it's a certain playlist you become lost in or escaping into whichever world is hidden within the words of the book you've been wanting to dive into. For some evading the chaos means a day at the beach or perhaps a mini getaway to simply getaway. All of these choices are what I myself result to depending on how overloaded I am, especially if you're like me where you don't know you're on overload because it is a style you've become blindly accustomed to. Today, however, I carved a couple of hours out of my afternoon for a little therapy session, I baked.

Baking is actually one of the top stress relievers, it's proven and quite tasty. I love to bake, but it has been quite some time since I last whipped up some sweetness in my kitchen. I cook all of the time and that certainly helps with winding down a crazy day, but to pull out a recipe, gather all of the ingredients and create an edible piece of art... very therapeutic.

With my "Rap God" playlist spittin' out the tunes, I was in my own little paradise, whisk in hand and ready to lose myself in the delicious scents of vanilla and butterscotch. Following a recipe helps calm the ADD side  of my brain while the measuring out exact portions soothes the OCD part of my brain. The music flows with the traffic of my thoughts allowing me to relax, even meditate in a way. Pouring and mixing, all resulting into smelling the sweet aroma as a batter begins to rise and set in it's 350* sauna.

Cooking and baking are two different art forms... cooking has a much looser grip on the "exact" aspect. There is much more room to interchange ingredients and experiment with measurements. Baking however, this is a science so measurements need to be spot on. One has a little wiggle room with interchanging ingredients, but for the most part it's a "follow the recipe" game. No matter what your preference is, both are deliciously therapeutic.

Baking for those two hours today really gave me that calming peace I needed, plus I now have a loaf of banana butterscotch bread to enjoy. Oh man let me tell you, slice up a piece... spread a little butter on top... heat it up for 20 seconds in the microwave and serve with a cup of coffee... dessert or breakfast... it's all good. ;) So, what do you like to bake?


Published by Derra Sabo