Purchasing a tractor and slasher for sale can be a great way to ramp up your farming initiatives. Normally, if you are planning to buy both the things in a brand new condition, you will have to invest a lot of money buying them individually. But in a sale, you can buy the tractor and get the slasher at a discounted price that can be very satisfactory. Not only you get a slasher along with the tractor, but you also get to save a lot in the process.

Some people hesitate to buy such machinery on sale for the fear of getting low quality products.  Here are some checks that should be made before buying such equipments at a discounted price  that can be helpful to ascertain their condition. We will discuss some of them over here so that a purchase can be beneficial for any customer.

  • The condition of the tractor - It is important to physically take a look at the tractor and slasher for sale so that its condition can be known. It is important to find out how long it has been used by its owner earlier and if at all it suffers from any serious problem. One more thing that can be very helpful to understand its condition is to find out from the seller the reason of it being sold. To verify the age of the tractor make sure to go through its documents carefully.  After all, when you are going to invest your hard-earned money in the equipment, it is essential to be satisfied thoroughly.
  • Physical checks to be made - A tractor and slasher for sale should be physically inspected so that its 'health condition' can be verified. The best way for this is to go for a test drive.  A tractor's speedometer can also give an idea as to how long it has been used earlier. Similarly, getting it serial number can be helpful to find out about its condition. The tire, engine, air filter and radiator of the farm equipment should also be seen along with other components. A slasher should be visually inspected for any sign of rust on its deck. The gearbox or the PTO shaft should also be seen and carefully inspected for any wear and tear or damage.
  • The health of the slasher - To verify the health of a slasher have a look below the gearbox of it, for there can be a major seal. Any small oil leak should be found out over here. The gearbox oil should also be checked, and the tightness of universal joints verified. A slasher must have a slip clutch for attaching a PTO shaft of altering length so that it can seize up while sitting idle. Spin it and observe for any vibration that may be there in it. Also, watch out for any bend in the cutter bar or any broken blade.
  • Observe in the slasher carefully - While buying a tractor and slasher for sale, it is essential to look out for any wear in the slasher. There should be enough hold on the skids and the mounting bracket for the tractor to be in proper shape. A slasher should also not throw up debris while in operation. Therefore, inspect the chain guards too. A slasher lying idle for some time is prone to deterioration. Therefore, all air pockets must be inspected for any rust formation or moisture accumulation.

If all these checks and observations are made properly, you can be sure of getting a tractor and slasher for sale that can be helpful for your specific application. It is important that you pay attention to these checks along with a few more that can be very useful for purchasing the farm equipment.

Published by Zac Ferry