When you are buying a new Swedish ”gaming dator” is the most important issue undoubtedly whether you should buy a desktop or laptop. A couple of years ago it was a simple choice between a laptop and a desktop computer.

The decision was mostly due to the performance or mobility. Students and employees who worked outside the workplace used to buy laptops while gaming enthusiasts and designers would choose a desktop gaming dator. Today there are many gaming laptops with a good balance between performance and price.

This means that more and more people are choosing a gaming laptop instead of a desktop gaming dator / computer.

Different price requirements, different uses and personal priorities, the question of what is the best gaming computer has as many answers as there are gaming computers. The factors that you have to relate to varying from extremely technical to very personal, but everyone can have equal importance. Here we will go through the pros and cons of Swedish laptops and desktop/gaming dator.

Benefits - Gaming Laptop


The main advantage of a gaming laptop, of course, is that it is portable. You can take it anywhere and easily move it from room to room in the home. A gaming laptop is thus an ideal option for those who simply want to take it to pal and play with/against each other. Additionally, if you are in need of a laptop for uses other than gaming, is a gaming laptop is an obvious choice.

Aesthetics / Manageability

The biggest reason why buying a gaming laptop even though you intend to have it in the same place without taking it somewhere is probably the aesthetic. A gaming laptop does not take much space and are pretty nice. It is not tangled wires and it is easier to keep clean from dust.

Power Consumption

A gaming laptop consumes far less power than a desktop, especially if you're just browsing, but also if you play demanding games. If you do the latter very often you can make a difference for the environment by buying a gaming laptop.

Disadvantages - Gaming Laptop

Do not skimp when buying a gaming laptop, it is not easy to upgrade. Sure, it might be possible to insert a little more memory, but much more than that is not. If you are really handy and do not care about just in case the guarantee is lost, you can, of course, change the processor and the like, though it is not very easy. Is something broken in a gaming laptop, you give up your entire computer. Shutter spacebar to work might gaming computer is lost on the service in two weeks.

As the gaming dator is portable, it risks a beating if you drop it, put you on the couch or the like. Theft-life is also higher, partly because you can have it with you, but also because it is so much easier to steal a laptop than a desktop gaming computer.

Advantages - Desktop Gaming Dator / PC

If you plan to bring your gaming computer without having it in the same place all the time, there are several reasons why you should consider buying a desktop. Here is a list of the benefits of desktop gaming computer compared to the laptop.


One of the main reasons for choosing desktop gaming computer in front of a laptop is that you get more performance for the money. Or, if you prefer, the same performance at a lower cost. Also, there is no gaming laptop that is near a desktop when it comes to the best possible performance. If you want to play for real high graphics settings combined with high FPS and high resolution, is a desktop gaming PC only option.

With a desktop gaming computer, you include a significantly faster processor, more memory and better graphics than what you get with a laptop in the same price range. This is partly due to processors and chipsets in desktop gaming computer is not the same - this need not be the manufacturer taking into account the lack of space, difficulties with refrigeration and demands for extra-low power consumption in the same way.

A desktop gaming computer does not need to rely on more expensive and fewer components intended for laptops. Additionally, there is obviously a lot more space in the can for more gadgets. Should you have a gaming laptop that is powerful enough to handle newer, high-end games at very high graphics settings, you will have to cough up quite dramatically with money.

A desktop gaming computer surpasses almost always a gaming laptop if you compare price and performance. Hearty game graphics are often large and develop a lot of heat, which means that they fit well in a spacious chassis with good cooling. Do you have a budget but still want to get the maximum performance and FPS is a desktop gaming PC preferable.

Published by will Ent